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A really funny comedy set inside a Superstore, with quirky likeable characters and plenty of jokes making it so easy to watch. Clever and along the lines of Parks And Recreation or The office.

If you've binge-watched Modern Family, spent six seasons with the Rose family in Schitt's Creek and learned everything there is to know about The Big Bang Theory then you may be on the hunt for a new sitcom to cheer yourself up. Look no further because Superstore is now on Netflix. At least the first five seasons are which means there is a whopping 96 episodes to get stuck into.

So what is Superstore all about? In a nutshell, it's a comedy about the daily lives and work habits of the employees of a huge store. The sensible floor manager is Amy, played by America Ferrera and it's her job to keep everything running as the boss Glenn (Mark McKinney) is a bit nice-but-dim. Other members of staff include new recruits Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Mateo as well and Assistant Manager Dina (Lauren Ash), customer services rep Garrett (Colton Dunn), and Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) the pregnant teen who works on the make-up counter.

Between them, they make up the body of the cast that brings the fun and jokes in each episode. While the characters continue to develop through the seasons, each episode has its own mini focus. Topics vary wildly from protesting the lack of maternity leave when Cheyenne has her baby, to getting locked in the store overnight. But beneath all the humour and quirkiness is a pointed dig at the types of companies that make millions of dollars and yet don't provide healthcare, mat leave, or overtime for their hard-working employees. Corporate head office is very much the unseen bad guy that binds our workers together.

Thankfully while there are some character cliches, Superstore is not a stupid comedy. Like Parks and Recreation or The Office, this is a really well-balanced show that will have you laughing one minute and pausing for thought in the next – a testament to the very clever writing. It's easy to watch, brings the laughs and with such a likable bunch of characters, it's hard not to love it.


  • Huge Variety Of Customers
  • Sharp Comedy
  • So Easy To Watch & Enjoy


  • Sometimes The Daftness Is Over The Top
  • Some Episodes Are Funnier Than Others


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