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Support The Girls follows Lisa, a bar manager who is trying to keep everything together in both her work and personal life, over the course of one day. A very slow-paced drama that was ultimately a bit depressing and pointless.

Support The Girls is an odd movie to write a review about. Essentially the story is very simple. It is about one day in the life of a local bar manager as she tries to keep all the complicated plates of her life spinning. And that's pretty much it.

Lisa, played by the excellent Regina Hall (Girls Trip and Little) arrives at the bar, early one morning, clearly upset at something. Distressed, she still has to interview new girls for jobs at Double Whammies, which is basically a more family-friendly version of Hooters. That's when all the various scenarios of the day begin. First, she tries to organise an off-the-books car wash fundraiser. Then she discovers that somebody tried to break-in overnight and that the would-be-thief is still stuck in the vent.

That's all followed by scheduling issues, the tv cable getting cut as rescuers try to get the thief out and the arrival of her disgruntled and somewhat sleazy boss. Turns out the fundraiser is for one of the girls who needs the cash to get away from her abusive boyfriend. And, just to add even more to chaos to Lisa's day, she is having serious marital issues. What culminates over the course of the day is that almost nothing goes right. Despite putting out fires left and right, Lisa decides she has had enough and quits.

What Support The Girls does well is highlight the everyday problems faced by normal working people. There's no glitz and glamour here. Regina Hall is really solid as a woman who's optimism justs gets worn away by the endless problems she faces. But the story is random. As a viewer, you are just dropped into the middle of this woman's life with absolutely no explanation for anything. It feels like you've missed the first bit of the movie and are then just expected to keep watching and figure it out as it goes along.

While each character is well played, the pacing is very slow. Although it's billed as a comedy, it is not. I love Regina Hall but I just didn't get this film.


  • Regina Hall
  • Decent Premise For A Movie


  • Slow Paced
  • Disjointed
  • Random And A Bit Pointless


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