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Tell Me Who I Am

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When Alex wakes up from a coma with total amnesia he relies 100% on his twin brother Marcus to fill in the blanks of his life. But instead of the truth, Marcus spins a fantasy life for Alex hiding a terrible secret that will destroy him. Tell Me Who I Am is an incredible documentary that is gripping from beginning to end.

Tell Me Who I Am is an intriguing documentary that will have you glued to the tv from the second you put it on. In fact, the story is so unbelievable that if it wasn't a first-hand account, you would think it was made up. And this is the story. Alex was 18 years old when he had an accident that put him in a coma. When he woke up the only single thing he could remember was his twin brother Marcus. Nothing else. Not his own name, not his parents, not even how to tie a shoe. Nothing.

So instantly he begins to rely 100% on Marcus to fill in the blanks of his childhood and his life. From being shown the bathroom and kitchen to what a tv is, Marcus is the sole source of information in Alex's world. And so he paints an idyllic picture of their life. They come from a privileged background, live in a huge house, have nice parents and everything is as normal as normal gets. Except it isn't.

Very quickly Alex learns that they aren't allowed upstairs in their house. They aren't allowed their own key. They virtually live in the shed in the garden. And they must always abide by the very strict rules including only referring to their father as sir. And while this is incredibly odd, to a person who knows nothing, it all seems perfectly reasonable. Because it's coming from his twin brother and he trusts him implicitly. Plus he has no other point of reference to compare his life to.

Things start to change when Alex's father is diagnosed with cancer. On his death bed, he asks for forgiveness for being so strict and for the mistakes he made. Alex forgives, Marcus does not. Likewise when their mother, whom Alex has gotten quite close to, is on her deathbed a couple of years later. Then she dies and that when pandora's box is opened.

There are no spoilers here because the story and the Tell Me Who I Am documentary is so compelling that you have to watch for yourself. Suffice to say that while Marcus was creating a fantasy world for Alex to shield and protect him, all it did was make things a hundred times worse when the truth was finally revealed.

Tell Me Who I Am is a story about the lengths that one brother will go to to protect another. It is haunting and at times incredibly sad but is ultimately a testament to protecting a loved one even if that irreparably fractures a relationship for good.


  • Unbelievable Story
  • Shockingly Honest
  • Earnest



  1. great i liked netflicks it was fun and great/,

  2. ‘Tell Me Who I Am’, is the best thing I have seen on Netflix in YEARS. I guessed the issue early on, but still held my interest. Marcus basically raised Alex. and it bothered me how accusatory Alex was. Here is a brother who shielded his twin from the horror that was their family unit. 4 + *s.


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