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Based on the original books, The Babysitters Club follows four 12-year-old friends as they start a small business but when life gets in the way, will these friends be able to rely on each other for more than just babysitting?

The Babysitters Club is a Netflix adaptation of the pre-teen 1980s books by Ann M Martin. Those old enough will remember the first tv series in 1990 but if you're meeting the characters for the first time then you're in for a treat.

The club starts when Kristy is asked to babysit her little brother when her mother (Alicia Silverstone) simply can't find a sitter. Kristy sees a business opportunity and soon she, and her three friends, have formed The Babysitters Club. They meet twice a week in Claudia's house where they have a dedicated landline to take babysitting bookings for the weekend. The landline is iconic so even though all the girls have mobile phones, the creators found a way to include it in the new series.

But like all good shows, this one is less about the actual babysitting and more about the four girls and their journey. Kristy (Sophie Grace) is an only girl with three brothers – two older and one younger. Her mother is single and has started dating again so with a blended family on the horizon, Kristy is feeling a bit left out.

Claudia (Momona Tamada) lives with her sister, parents, and grandmother and is the artistic one of the bunch. Stylish and quirky, Claudia's own issues stem from the fact that she isn't doing as well in school as her parents would like.

The third member of The Babysitters Club is Mary Anne (Malia Baker) whose mum passed away when she was a baby. Raised by her single and strict father Mary Anne feels trapped into looking and feeling much younger than she is. However, it's difficult for her to communicate with her Dad so Mary Anne relies on her friends to help her through.

Lastly, there is Stacey (Shay Rudolph), a young girl who has recently moved from New York. Knowing nobody else, she embraces the club and her new found friendships even if she must keep a secret hidden from them.

Along the way, other friends join the club so while the core four remain the same, there are plenty of other characters to enjoy.

The Babysitters Club is an excellent and well-written series for older girls. Tackling subjects about friendships, illness, families, school and growing up, the show is great at highlighting all aspects of life for 12-year-olds. It is fun, quirky and highly relatable and best of all is great fun to watch, even as an adult!


  • Great Reboot
  • Perfect For Pre Teens
  • Very Entertaining


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