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The Big Show Show

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When Big Show retires from the WWE he must settle into his new life as a stay-at-home Dad with three daughters. The Big Show Show is an endearing fun family sitcom along the lines of Family reunion and Fuller House.

Joining the growing slate of Netflix Originals sitcoms is The Big Show Show. Starring real-life WWE wrestler Big Show, this is a family comedy similar in style to No Good Nick, Family Reunion or Fuller House. Big Show (Paul Wight) has retired from wrestling and must get to grips with his new life at home. There he lives with his wife Cassy and three daughters. His oldest daughter Lola has recently come to live with them so the show pretty much starts from there.

The Big Show Show is about a family adapting to their new life. Similar to All About The Washingtons, Dad is at home more, Lola must embrace a new life and the younger girls must get used to sharing with their new older sister. It's all very light-hearted and funny, especially as despite his huge frame, Show is frequently played and outnumbered by the ladies of the house. It's cleverly written with plenty of jokes for the grown-ups but is still great for kids.

As with any kind of sit-com cast chemistry is the most important thing and The Big Show Show has it in abundance. Show is not out of place as a leading man and the kids are fantastic with Juliet Donenfeld, as youngest kid J.J., stealing the scenes with her borderline criminal enterprises. Even with the canned laughter, she is still the funniest character.

Each episode tackles a different issue, from Mum Cassy trying to sell an unsellable house to Mandy desperately trying to win a school election. Even Show's decision to return to wrestling for one last tour before he retires fully is an interesting twist.

Overall The Big Show Show is fun family viewing. It's charming and endearing and perfect to sit and watch with the kids. The only problem is that it abruptly ends after episode 8. It really should have had a couple of extra episodes but I imagine that they have been made and that Netflix are just holding them back for later in the year – as they do with most of their sitcoms.


  • Great Family Viewing
  • Juliet Donenfeld, as J.J
  • Good range Of Storylines


  • Too Short
  • Canned Laughter
  • Some Over -The-Top Acting


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