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Teenager Kyra accidentally uncovers a world of magic and must now learn to live with her new abilities as she becomes part of The Bureau Of Magical Things. A perfect show for kids with plenty of fun and adventure.

From Harry Potter to Just Add Magic, kids absolutely love all things magical. And The Bureau of Magical Things is no different.

The show hails from Australia and originally aired on Nickelodeon. It follows teenager Kyra who is living quite a normal life until one evening when out for a run, she sees a floating book and touches it. That then fills her with magic.

But Kyra (Kimie Tsukakoshi) is no ordinary girl and we soon discover that the book was being fought over between a fairy and an elf, that Kyra couldn't see.

Touching the book instantly gave her the magical powers of both, while still remaining mostly human. So now Kyra is a tri-ling, part-human, part-fairy, and part-elf.

Coming to terms wither her new reality is difficult but Kyra discovers a whole magical world she knew nothing about. That world is controlled by the Department of Magical Intervention (DMI) and is filled with magical creatures.

But the world is changing. The human and magic worlds co-existed in harmony, but as technology advanced, the magic world was pushed back, and fairies and other magical creatures became endangered species.

Now someone wants to restore magic to its rightful place and it is up to Kyra to unite humans, elves, and fairies in order to save them all.

With the help of Professor Maxwell (Christopher Sommers), elves Imogen (Elizabeth Cullen) and her brother Darra (Julian Cullen) and fairies Lily (Mia Milnes) and Ruksy (Rainbow Wedell), the group uncover secrets and an unexpected threat to the human world that no one could have imagined.

There's only one problem. Kyra must keep her magical powers a secret which is tricky because her best friend Peter (Jamie Carter) begins to suspect that something is up and he wants to know what is going on!

Also not helping things is the enigmatic figure that seems to want to get rid of Kyra, and plots to have her banned from the fairy world. But who is behind the threat and can the friends stop them?

Is ‘The Bureau of Magical Things' Worth Watching?

The Bureau of Magical Things is everything you would expect from a show aimed at tweens and a younger audience.

It has spells that go wrong, a magic bookstore, secrets to be revealed, near misses with humans finding out about magic as well as of the usual teen school drama.

It's the kind of show that Just Add Magic fans should love. And it's not too bad to watch with the kids if you're looking for good family tv.

With twenty episodes there's plenty for viewers to stuck into as Kyra and her friends navigate the world of magic. It's fun, light-hearted, and well-acted which makes it a great show for kids.

Where Can I Watch The Bureau Of Magical Things?

The Bureau of Magical Things premiered in Australia on channel Eleven in July 2018.

In the US, the series was aired on Nickelodeon later in the same year before moving to TeenNick.

It was then added to Netflix in October 2020 so that is where you can watch it today!

Is There Season 2 Of The Bureau of Magical Things on Netflix?

The Bureau of Magical Things was renewed for a second season in November 2019, and premiered in July 2021 on 10 Shake in Australia.

So, yes there is a second season of the hit show with another 20 episodes, however, the bad news is that it is not available on Netflix just yet.

Even better news is that producers Jonathan Shiff and Mark Shirrefs have said that more seasons are expected in the future.

The Bureau Of Magical Things Cast

Who doesn't love a tv series about a teen girl instantly gaining magical powers? That there may be human and magic worlds is the stuff of a fairy tale, which is why this show is so compelling.

And because it was originally made for tv, it has a whopping 20 episodes in each season so plenty of entertainment to be had as Kyra and her friends join the fight to unite fairies, elves and humans.

But who plays our favourite characters in The Bureau of Magical Things?

Kimie Tsukakoshi as Kyra, a teenage girl whose life is changed after an encounter with a magic book, transforming her into a tri-ling.

Elizabeth Cullen as Imogen, an elf training to become a member of the Department of Magical Intervention (DMI).

Mia Milnes as Lily, a fairy training to become a member of the DMI.

Julian Cullen as Darra, an elf training to become a member of the DMI and Imogen's brother.

Rainbow Wedell as Ruksy, a fairy training to become a member of the DMI.

Jamie Carter as Peter, Kyra's friend.

Christopher Sommers as Professor Maxwell, a bookstore owner and teacher of magic for the DMI.


  • Great For Kids
  • Positive Role Models
  • Good Clean Fun


  • The Terrible Irish Accent From Prof Maxwell


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