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The Chosen One follows the story of teenager Jodie who, raised in Mexico, starts to develop Jesus-like powers much to the amazement of his friends. A really intriguing show and solid adaptation of Mark Millar's graphic novel.

In the burgeoning world of streaming television, Netflix's offering, The Chosen One (Spanish: El Elegido), takes a daring leap into the realm of religious fantasy.

Based on the edgy comic book series American Jesus by Mark Millar (Jupiter's Legacy) and Peter Gross, the show pivots away from its U.S.-centric origins to unfold in the mystic landscapes of Mexico.

Developed by the talented trio of Everado Gout, Leopoldo Gout, and Jorge Dorantes, the series launched in August 2023.

It features an ensemble cast that includes Bobby Luhnow, Dianna Agron, Lilith Amelie Siordia Mejia, and Tenoch Huerta, among others.

But what is The Chosen One about and is it worth watching?

What Is The Chosen One About?

The Chosen One opens with quite a graphic assault in which a woman manages to escape with her baby.

She makes it to Mexico, burns their documents and begins a new life which we pick up 12 years later.

Jodie Christianson (Bobby Luhnow) is an unusual teenager in that he starts to discover he possesses the miraculous abilities of Jesus Christ.

With his small group of friends, the realisation that he is different begins when he not only saves his friends in the desert but then miraculously escapes injury during a freak accident that would surely have killed anyone else.

With his growing popularity, and the fact that the townspeople are starting to revere him, his mother Sarah (Dianna Agron) panics, knowing that people are searching for them.

The problem is that Sarah knows why they are being hunted and her fear is the local fame surrounding the ‘miracle boy' will finally bring to a head everything she has feared over the last 13 years.

With his Jesus like powers, is Jodie really the Messiah? And how far will he take things before the townspeople of Santa Rosalía have had enough?

The Chosen One Netflix Official Trailer

Is The Chosen One Worth Watching?

So full confession here. I had never heard of The Chosen One or the graphic novel it is based on before I watched season 1 on Netflix. I tuned in purely out of curiosity. And I'm really glad I did.

The Chosen One has a great central narrative and despite the silly-sounding premise of a teenager who possesses the powers of Jesus, is so well created that it's actually believable.

That, in large part, is down to the young actors who are incredibly convincing in their roles. Over just six episodes, all of the characters act and behave exactly as you would expect them to.

There are no stupid decisions and eye-roll-inducing overacting. Nope, The Chosen One has been perfectly cast and as the story evolves and unfolds you can't help but want to know how it will all play out.

Personally, it was a great choice to set it in Mexico if only because the day-to-day struggles that face Jodie and his friends are more believable.

Aesthetically, it also proves to be an important element of the show with the backdrop of the town's troubled waters another important facet of the story.

If there's a small flaw, it's that the twist isn't as big a surprise when it's revealed. The bigger problem is the rushed ending which may leave some viewers scratching their heads.

To clarify, it's a glimpse into the future which leaves the door open for The Chosen One season 2.

The Chosen One Cast

Bobby Luhnow as Jodie, a teenager who grows up in Baja California Sur and is considered a miracle child

Dianna Agron as Sarah, Jodie's mother

Lilith Amelie Siordia Mejia as Magda, Jodie's neighbour and friend

Juan Fernando González Anguamea as Tuka,

Jorge Javier Arballo Osornio as Hipólito

Alberto Pérez-Jácome Kenna as Wagner

Patricio Serna Meza as Angelo

Carlos Bardem as Pastor Cruz, who believes Jodie is the town's saviour

Alfonso Dosal as Father O'Higgins

Tenoch Huerta as Lemuel who works for the Catholic Church


  • Superb Casting Particularly The Younger Actors
  • Strangely Believable For A Fantasy Show
  • Surprisingly Compelling Central Story


  • You Can Kind Of Guess The Twist
  • Role Of Sarah Was Seriously Underdeveloped


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