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Kurt Russell returns as everybody's favourite Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles 2 where the focus this time is on saving the North Pole from a disgruntled elf.

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus was a bit of a shock to us, but what a Father Christmas he turned out to be.

Wowing viewers in their millions, The Christmas Chronicles was a massive hit for Netflix. So much so that they quickly got going on The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Directed and produced by Chris Columbus, who wrote the film with Matt Lieberman, they have knocked it out of the park again.

Even better is that while we only got a glimpse of Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus in the first film, this time around, she has a starring role. Hurrah!

What Is The Christmas Chronicles 2 About?

So the story picks up a year after Kate and Teddy first discovered Santa's village in the North Pole.

Time has moved on, and their mum is in a new relationship with the almost-blended family celebrating the holidays in Mexico.

However, there is trouble in their midst in the form of Belsnickle, a former elf cast out of the North Pole.

Now, in the form of a teenage boy, he plots his revenge on Santa but needs Kate and Jack to break the barrier that protects Santa's Village.

Through a bit of mischief, he captures the two kids, and they soon find themselves back with Santa as Belsnickle tries to destroy the North Pole.

Will he succeed? Of course not; this is a kids movie, but don't be fooled, this is equally as entertaining for adults as well.

Christmas Chronicles 2 Official Trailer

Is The Christmas Chronicles 2 Worth Watching?

I'd go so far as to say The Christmas Chronicles 2 may even be as good as the first…Controversial, I know.

But I absolutely loved the story, which seemed to have more depth, Christmas spirit and tapped into several subplots about family, self-belief, and redemption. It is a standout in a sea of soulless Christmas movies.

All of which was fantastically topped off by the cutest CGI elves you've ever seen.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 would have lifted the roof as a stand-alone film. For many though, the comparison with the first leaves it wanting, despite Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn being just as good.

But if you take it at face value and enjoy it as a fun Christmas movie to watch with the kids then you should have a really good time.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Cast

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, a magical figure who brings presents for people on Christmas night, when they are asleep.

Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus, the wife of Santa Claus.

Darby Camp as Kate Pierce, a girl who previously helped Santa Claus in the last movie.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Claire Pierce, a widowed nurse who is the mother of Kate and Teddy.

Jahzir Bruno as Jack Booker, the son of Bob Booker.

Julian Dennison as Belsnickel, an elf adopted by Santa Claus who goes rogue and ended up human. Dennison also voices his elf form.

Tyrese Gibson (Morbius) as Bob Booker, Claire's new boyfriend.

Judah Lewis as Teddy Pierce, the brother of Kate who no longer engages in malicious activities.

Sunny Suljic as young Doug Pierce, the younger version of Kate and Teddy's late father who Kate encounters in 1990.

Darlene Love as Grace, a Boston airport worker in 1990.

Patrick Gallagher as a Massachusetts State Police Trooper in 1990 who detains Kate.


  • Kurt Russell As Santa Claus
  • Great CGI and North Pole Effects
  • Heartwarming


  • Not As Action packed As The First
  • A Switch Of Focus To The North Pole


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