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Based on the Stephen King novels, The Dark Tower is a suspenseful fantasy thriller that pits good against evil in a bid to stop the end of the world. While it is entertaining and worth watching, it also misses out a lot of what made the books so good.

Based on the books of the same name, The Dark Tower is a suspenseful fantasy thriller. Starring Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Taylor, this is, ultimately, a battle between good and evil. Jake Chambers is a New York teenager with reoccurring dreams so vivid that his own mother thinks he is going crazy.

A mysterious dark tower and the evil beings that are trying to destroy it consume Jake. But Jake is not crazy. The Dark Tower does exist. It is located in the centre of the universe, which is home to multiple worlds, including Earth and it protects humanity. The powerful and evil sorcerer Walter (McConaughey) is trying to destroy it. But if it falls, darkness from outside will invade and destroy reality.

Walter knows that only the mind of a child can topple the dark tower. And Jake is that child. Gifted with ‘the shine', Jake has psychic powers that can cross realms. When he discovers a portal that can transport him to Mid-World, he meets up with Roland Deschain (Elba), a gun-slinger who is determined to exact his revenge on Walter. Between them, they must destroy Walter and his minions and save the dark tower.

Surprisingly, given the books were written by Stephen King, The Dark Tower isn't a horror. Yes, there are a couple of ghoulish scares along the way and the threat of evil and violence is ever-present. However, it is much more a fantasy movie with plenty of action along the way. It is an interesting story and the film moves along at a blistering pace.

It reminded me of the Percy Jackson movies in that a young boy is tasked with saving the earth while battling various demons. Similarly, the special effects are excellent, the plot is engaging and McConaughey is brilliant at playing the cold and callous Walter. There is enough edge, darkness, and action to keep you entertained. It's a solid fantasy movie and well worth a watch. However, if you are a fan of the books, you may be disappointed as much of what made them so good has been entirely ignored in the film.


  • Cast Performances
  • Shoot Out Sequences
  • Enjoyable To Watch


  • Ignores A Lot Of The Original Books
  • Could Have Been Longer
  • No Sub Plots


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