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When Ophelia Marsh falls for her Cambridge lecturer her world is turned upside down when his wife dies and she finds herself losing her mind in The Deceived, a terrible non-thriller series.

Mystery thrillers are big business. When they are done right. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that The Deceived falls into that category.

So what is The Deceived all about? Here goes… Ophelia Marsh (Emily Reid) is a student at Cambridge University who starts an affair with charismatic lecturer Michael Callaghan (Emmett J. Scanlan).

Callaghan is married to the well-respected writer Roisin Mulvey (Catherine Walker), and as just as Ophelia falls head over heels in love with Michael, he suddenly disappears.

Tracking him back to his home town in Donegal, Ireland, Ophelia discovers that Roisin has died in a house fire. Professing her love and telling him that she is now pregnant, Ophelia moves into Michael's half-burned-down, creepy old house – on the day of the funeral.

The problem is that Ophelia starts to see and hear things. She sees the ghost of Roisin, keeps hearing strange noises, finds things she can't explain and begins to think that she's losing her mind.

For his part, and despite the shocking and tragic death of his wife, Michael seems very eager about his pregnant girlfriend. So much so that his mother-in-law (mother of dead Roisin) is perfectly ok with pregnant Ophelia living in the house. I mean seriously!

As the four tv episodes move along, we realise that all is not what it seems. There are secrets and lies, murder and jealousy and the question becomes, can Ophelia escape Knockdara and make it out alive?

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Is The Deceived Worth Watching?

It's a story as old as time. While studying at Cambridge Ophelia falls for her married lecturer. She knows it's wrong and despite Callaghan coming across as a creepy letch, she somehow can't help herself.

Soon Ophelia finds herself trapped in that creepy old family home and rather than simply leave, she deludes herself into thinking that everything will work out.

All of this is very problematic. I can understand the character of Ophelia initially being quite naive. But it soon becomes clear that she's actually a really stupid person.

Callaghan oozes creepiness from every pore in his body, yet Ophelia happily keeps telling him about every odd thing she finds. Not once does it occur to her that maybe Michael is the problem in this scenario?

The setup of The Deceived is ridiculous, the implausibility of the story is eye-roll inducing and other than one person who sees Michael for who he is, everybody else thinks he's amazing.

Then again, I suppose a narcissistic sociopath could fly under the radar if he put his mind to it.

The Deceived is one of those polarising shows that you will either love or hate. It leans heavily towards Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca but without the skill of a decent plot or script.

It briefly picks up at the end of episode three but falls flat again as the whole story is resolved in the most ridiculous way.

So overall, it's disappointing and even with just four episodes is not worth watching.

Is There A Season 2 Of The Deceived?

The short answer is no, there is no season 2 of The Deceived.

It was written by Lisa McGee for Channel 6 in the UK as one complete story. Given that it was wrapped up, there isn't really a place for a second season to go.

Is The Deceived On Netflix Scary?

In a nutshell, no The Deceived is not scary. It is definitely a bit creepy, but there are no jumps or scares.

It is written with more unexplained events and with lots of questions along the way. However, everything does get resolved in the end.

The Deceived TV Series Cast

Written by Lisa McGee, The Deceived is not devoid of some good points, one of which is a few of the cast members. Ian McElhinney is particularly good as Michael's father, with Shelley Conn good as the concerned friend.

Emmett J Scanlan as Michael Callaghan

Emily Reid as Ophelia Marsh, a Cambridge fresher who questions her own mind when she falls for her married lecturer.

Catherine Walker as Roisin Mulvery, Michael's wife

Eleanor Methven as Mary Mulvery, Roisin's mother

Paul Mescal (Aftersun) as Sean McKeogh, works for Michale and befriends Ophelia

Shelley Conn (Love Sarah) as Ruth, Roisin's best friend

Louisa Harland (Derry Girls) as Cloda O'Donnell, a local psychic

Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones) as Hugh Callaghan, Michael's father

Dempsey Bovell as Matthew, Michael's best friend


  • Intriguing Gaslighting Plot
  • Some Good Characters


  • Lead Male Character Has No Redeeming Qualities
  • Lead Female Character Is Ridiculously Naive
  • Creepy-ish But Not A Thriller


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