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The Family Plan follows Dan Morgan, a man very happy with his quiet suburban life but he has a secret past and it's about to catch up with him in this family comedy action movie.

I often wonder if, somewhere in a secret room, entertainment executives sit around and collectively decide what genre of movie will be made to death in the near future.

Like, they spot a hit show and then think to themselves that every TV show and movie that follows should be in that genre because, clearly, that's what the viewing public wants to see.

And don't deviate. Don't create something new and unique. Just trot out the same old formulaic scripts, rope in a Hollywood A-Lister, throw millions of dollars at it, and wham bam, the audience will lap it up. Job done.

That's probably what happened to The Family Plan movie, which stars Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, and Ciaran Hinds. It's not all bad but is it worth watching?

First, let's take a look at what it's all about.

What Is The Family Plan About?

The Family Plan is a comedy action movie directed by Simon Cellan Jones and written by David Coggeshall and follows the Morgan family, more specifically dad, Dan Morgan (Mark Wahlberg).

A normal guy, he is a successful car salesman who loves his quiet suburban life with his wife and three kids. He is a devoted husband and even if he isn't very adventurous, life is good for Dan Morgan.

But that's only half the story. Decades earlier, Dan used to be an elite government assassin tasked with taking out the world's deadliest threats but his unsuspecting wife hasn't a clue.

Dan has been in hiding since he met Jessica, and she has no idea that his true identity is about to throw her entire family into chaos.

After a photograph of him is found online, he quickly realises that his life is in danger, so Dan packs his unsuspecting family into the mini-van and tells them they are going on a road trip to Las Vegas.

But getting to Vegas proves tricky as enemies from his past are everywhere. Dan must get in the zone and dust off some long-dormant skills to protect his family when they think they are on the vacation of a lifetime.

Can they all survive? Find out in The Family Plan.

The Family Plan Official Trailer

Is The Family Plan Worth Watching?

I've previously written about Lift, the action comedy with Kevin Hart. I didn't like it as it genuinely didn't know what kind of film it was.

Here, it's clear from the get-go that this is an action-comedy and it really is very funny and entertaining.

With the pro-gamer teen son and the angsty teen daughter as well as the 10-month-old baby, the family dynamic is relatable and engaging. Sure, some of the scenes are convoluted, especially the car shoot-out with the whole family asleep in the car.

But if you can get passed the family rarely suspecting anything about Dan's sudden change in behaviour, then it's a good laugh.

Mark Wahlberg is as bankable as ever. The comedy element is on point, the action sequences are great, and overall, it's a feel-good film.

It's fun for the family and probably better than I thought it would be, given how many times something similar has been done before.

If you simply want to be entertained, have a few laughs, and not think too hard, then The Family Plan ticks a lot of boxes.

Cast Of The Family Plan

Mark Wahlberg (Spenser Confidential) as Dan Morgan a man with a hidden past, determined to protect his family.

Michelle Monaghan as Jessica Morgan

Ciarán Hinds as McCaffrey

Zoe Colletti as Nina Morgan

Van Crosby as Kyle Morgan

Maggie Q as Gwen

Joyner Lucas as Coogan

Kellen Boyle as Cyrus

Saïd Taghmaoui as Augie

Tony L. Calloway as Mrs. Overmeyer

Valkyrae as herself

Where To Watch The Family Plan

If you want to watch The Family Plan then you need to subscribe to the Apple TV+ streaming service.

It is an Apple Original and, as such, will not be available to stream anywhere else. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up today and take advantage of the free trial period.


  • Mark Wahlberg As Bankable As Ever
  • Much Better Than Expected
  • Some Funny Relatable Family Moments


  • Villain Isn't Fleshed Out Enough
  • Some Of It Is Contrivied
  • We've Seen It Before


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