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The Fix follows a former assistant DA, Maya Travis, who failed to convict Sevvy Johnson for murder. Eight years later and believing that he has killed again, she returns to finally bring him to justice. Legal drama that has almost no redeeming features.

Most days, I love my job. Other days, not so much, especially when I have to cobble together a review of a show like The Fix, which has almost no redeeming features.

Already you know how this is going to go. What I will say is that my interest peaked when I saw Robin Tunney (The Mentalist) was in it. Billed as a legal drama, I thought it had some potential.

Let me save you some time and tell you that it doesn't.

What Is The Fix About?

First off, you should know that the show was created by Marcia Clark, the prosecuting attorney in the infamous OJ Simpson trial.

It tells the story of Maya Travis (Tunney), a former Los Angeles assistant DA who, back in 2011, failed to successfully prosecute a famous actor, Sevvy Johnson, for murder.

With her career in tatters, she heads off to the countryside to run a ranch with her boyfriend, and for eight years her life is going well. That is until Sevvy Johnson's latest girlfriend, Jessica Meyer, is found murdered.

Apparently, nobody on earth knows more about Sevvy Johnson than Maya Travis so with a little bit of guilt tripping and arm twisting the DA convinces her to come back to LA to review the latest case.

In the blink of an eye, Travis is back in the thick of it and determined to bring Johnson to justice finally.

With Sevvy's image in tatters, he once again pleads innocence. And so begins a whole series of dramatic and convoluted plot twists and turns as we all try to figure out whodunnit.

The Fix Official Trailer

Is The Fix Worth Watching?

A pilot of any new show is designed to draw you in and keep you hooked. The Fix fails spectacularly at this.

From the first episode, it is patently clear that this is a self-serving rewrite from Marcia Clark.

Let's look at the evidence. Assistant DA prosecuting the trial of her life. The accused is a famous black man. The evidence against him is damning. We have a defence attorney claiming racism at every opportunity. Media circus ensues. Defendant found not guilty.

Ring any bells????

There is more to the story than just that little synopsis, but honestly, it's all nonsense. Maya ends up with not only two different men fighting over her but with a stalker as well.

Backstabbing in the DA's office, betrayal, jealous colleagues and partners, red herrings at every turn and a woman who is so blinded by revenge that it's a miracle she even competently does her job.

The defence attorney, Ezra Wolf is slimy as hell and a compulsive gambler in debt to all the wrong people.

Even the subplot about Maya's stalker is ludicrous. So while the series concept may have sounded good on paper, it did not translate at all.

If it's a legal drama fix you're after, this isn't it. But if you still don't believe me, then you can watch it on Disney+. Otherwise check out The Lincoln Lawyer which is much better!

Why Was The Fix Cancelled?

On May 10, 2019, ABC cancelled The Fix after a single season.

We all know that TV is a numbers game and The Fix simply didn't get the ratings.

With a few exceptions, it struggled among viewers in the 18-49 demographic and coupled with some pretty dire critic reviews, the powers that be decided not to renew it.

The Fix TV Series Cast

As mentioned above, The Fix was created by Marcia Clark alongside Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.

Despite a couple of powerful performances, and the odd episode such as Ghost Whisperer, there was very little they could do with such a terrible script.

Robin Tunney as Maya Travis, whose career was ruined by her failure to successfully prosecute Sevvy Johnson, only to find herself investigating him again for another murder eight years later.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Sevvy Johnson, an A-list actor acquitted of killing his girlfriend.

Adam Rayner as Matthew Collier, an assistant DA and Maya's old colleague.

Merrin Dungey as C.J. Emerson, an investigator for the DA's office.

Breckin Meyer as Alan “Charlie” Wiest, the LA DA who seems more interested in protecting his job than in prosecuting Johnson.

Marc Blucas as River “Riv” Allgood, Maya's boyfriend.

Mouzam Makkar as Loni Kampour, Maya's successor as assistant DA

Alex Saxon as Gabriel Johnson, Sevvy's stepson.

Scott Cohen as Ezra Wolf, a celebrity lawyer who comes to his client's defence after he is accused of a new murder.

Robin Givens as Julianne Johnson, the ex-wife who extorts money from Sevvy to defend him in the media.

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  • A Couple Of Decent Perfomances
  • The Whodunnit Element


  • Marcia Clark Rewriting History
  • Terrible, Terrible Script
  • Throws Every Cliche At It, Unsuccessfully
  • No Subtlety Or Intrigue


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