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The Flatshare follows two strangers who decide to share a flat with one living there in the daytime and the other at night. A sweet British rom-com based on the book of the same name.

Full disclosure here. I've previously read The Flatshare, the novel by Beth O'Leary on which the show is based. So while I remember the general gist of the plot, it wasn't enough to spoil the tv series. Although when you know how something ends, it kind of takes the fun out of it!

Anyway, despite already knowing all about Tiff and Leon, (Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh star), I was happy to give the Paramount+ show a go.

So what is The Flatshare all about, and is it worth watching??

What Is The Flatshare About?

Set in London, Tiffany (Jessica Brown Findlay), a journalist who works for an online magazine, has been dumped by her boyfriend. Again.

As a result, she has to find somewhere else to live and agrees to an unusual flatshare. With only one bedroom, the agreement is that she will have the flat from 8pm to 8am and Leon (Anthony Welsh), the guy living there, will have the flat from 8am to 8pm.

That's because Leon works nights as a hospice care worker, and Tiffany works days. So far so good.

Then a whole lot of different events collide, making the flatshare far more difficult.

Firstly, Tiff takes a call from Leon's brother Richie, who is in prison for armed robbery. He says he is innocent, and that's why Leon has been subletting – the extra cash is for a solicitor to help free his brother.

Secondly, Tiff needs to develop a good story at work or face the possibility of losing her job. So she decides to write about Richie's wrongful conviction, but without telling Leon.

Thirdly, Leon's girlfriend Kay is incredibly jealous of this new set-up even though Leon and Tiff have never met. In fact, they only communicate by leaving post it notes for each other.

Throw in Tiff's toxic ex-boyfriend Justin who is still controlling her, and eventually, everything is going to explode.

The Flatshare Official Trailer

Is The Flatshare Worth Watching?

As cute British romcoms go, The Flatshare is pretty decent. Similar to Trying, the characters are realistic, the places where they live and work are true to life, and overall it works.

Jessica Brown Findlay and the brilliant Anthony Welsh are perfect together and bring real depth to Tiff and Leon. As do the supporting cast, all of whom tie the whole story together nicely.

In fact, one of the stand-outs is Alis Waters, who plays Holly, a young patient at the hospice who tries to bring Tiff and Leon together.

It does get a little cheesy towards the end, but as The Flatshare is a six part series, it's not unbearable. It's a decent adaptation of the book, and if you're looking for something nice and sweet to pass the time, then you could do worse than this show.

But the reality is that this story has a very happy ending for everybody concerned. Wrapped up in a big red bow, it lacks a little grit and is a gift for everybody who loves a happily ever after.

Where Can I Watch The Flatshare?

As the show is a Paramount+ original, you can only watch The Flatshare on that streaming platform.

You will need to subscribe and can do so directly or through Amazon Prime Video for an additional small monthly fee.

Will There Be A Second Season?

The first season was based on the book and completely wrapped up that particular story.

That said, a little clue at the end left the door open for another season. That was when the credits said, “The End…The Beginning'.

So will we get a chance to see how Tiffany and Leon's life played out? There isn't a follow-up novel, and there has been no confirmation of a renewal. But never say never.

Cast Members

Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey) as Tiffy Moore, a young woman who must share a flat with a stranger when she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Anthony Welsh (Calm With Horses) as Leon Twomey, a minimum-wage hospice care worker trying to get his brother out of jail.

Gina Bramhill as Rachel, Tiff's co-worker who is both her friend and rival.

Jonah Hauer-King as Mo, one of Tiff's two best friends.

Shaniqua Okwok as Tiff's best friend Maia, a solicitor and dating Mo.

Shaq B. Grant as Richie Twomey, Leon's wrongly convicted brother.

Alis Waters as Holly, a young girl in Leon's care at the hospice.

Dustin Demri-Burns as Phil, Tiffany's boss at the online magazine.

Bart Edwards as Justin, Tiffany's manipulative ex-boyfriend.

Klariza Clayton as Kay, Leon's girlfriend.

Jo Martin as Pauline, Leon's mother.

Bill Milner as Si, Tiffy's co-worker.

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  • Excellent Ensemble Cast
  • Plenty Of Subplots
  • Pretty Realistic


  • Very Predictable
  • Overly Sweet And Perfect Ending


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