The Forgotten Battle

The Forgotten Battle

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Three young people are irrevocably linked during a ferocious battle at the end of World War II. If Allied forces can seize control of the strategically vital waterways around Antwerp from the Germans, it will be a critical blow to the Nazi occupation and help bring the conflict to an end.

With a budget of about €14 million, ‘The Forgotten Battle' is the Netherlands' second most expensive movie production. The film deals with the Battle of the Scheldt, a lesser-known clash between the Allies and Germans forces towards the end of World War Two.

We've already had big-budget movies about D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and Dunkirk. But, until now, the Battle of the Scheldt has been neglected by filmmakers. Probably because not many people know about the battle, outside of Holland and Canada.

Despite the Allies suffering more than 12,000 casualties (including 6000 Canadians) throughout the month-long Battle, other engagements such as Operation Market Garden have received more historical analysis. Thus, ‘The Forgotten Battle' appears to be a fitting title for the film.

The movie had a screening premiere in December 2020. It also enjoyed a small run in Dutch theatres around the same time. However, as Netflix part-financed this movie, they will be streaming it on their platform from 15th October 2021.

‘The Forgotten Battle' is Netflix's first Dutch film; it was produced in collaboration with local broadcasters and other investors. The story of the battle is told through three main characters: Teuntje, Marinus and William.

Marinus is a Dutchman serving in the German army, Teuntje is a reluctant resistance girl, and William is an Allied soldier fighting with his comrades to overcome the entrenched Germans.

The writers chose a mosaic storytelling style for the film. By opting for this technique, the action occasionally loses pace and the story becomes difficult to follow. Although, it's not detrimental to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Teuntje (Susan Radder) is a young resistance fighter whose brother has vital intelligence to assist the Allied forces in their fight against the Nazis. But, because she doesn't know who to trust, getting this information to the resistance appears impossible.

Tom Felton, better known for his portrait of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, stars a British glider pilot. Strangely, Felton is not the only Harry Potter actor to star in a foreign-made war film. In 2012, Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) took a lead role in the Norwegian World War Two flick ‘Into The White ‘.

Gijs Blom plays Marinus van Staveren, a Dutch Nazi wounded on the Eastern Front and sent to Zeeland for an administrative position.

The use of the three characters creates a more nuanced film than the usual ‘us' against ‘them' scenario, which is common in most war movies today.

The drama was directed and partly written by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. He was previously known for Directing the sci-fi movie ‘The Thing' in 2011. This film shows the horrors of this war from three different angles in an authentic way. Our protagonist's struggles weave the story together, and their paths cross toward the end movie. This film is visually impressive, and it could easily pass for a Hollywood production.

Overall, ‘The Forgotten Battle' (De Slag om de Schelde) is a good mix of storytelling and action with solid cast performances. If you enjoy war movies, you'll appreciate this well-made dutch war story.


Following the Allied victory in Normandy, Allied troops launched a series of rapid advances into the Low Countries. But, as they advanced, their supply lines became dangerously stretched.

The Allies needed a large port to supply their armies. Antwerp was the obvious choice. British troops seized the City and Port on September 4th 1944. However, a force of Germans holding positions across the Scheldt estuary prevented Allied shipping from reaching the docks. Canadian soldiers are given the task of clearing the Nazis' from their stronghold.

The Allies and Nazi Germany fought the Battle of the Scheldt to control the strategic waterways between Antwerp and Rotterdam. The battle, which sealed Germany's fate during the Second World War, is regarded as one of the most crucial in the conflict. It was a vital phase in the liberation of Europe. However, it has received very little attention over the years. ‘The Forgotten Battle' aims to shine a light on this critical engagement.


  • Visually Good
  • Hollywood Quality
  • Deeper Than Most War Movies


  • Confusing At Times
  • Limited Action Scenes


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