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Raymond Albert Kroc, a hardened salesman, stumbles upon the biggest opportunity of his life. Fast Food and the first time real fast food had been done well. Ray Kroc stops at nothing to fulfill his vision to turn Mc Donald's into a Global Empire.

The Founder is the Biographical story of the man who took the idea of super-fast food and spun the idea so fast that it became the world icon McDonald's. Ray Kroc had spent years as a salesman looking for the next big deal. But his luck changes, when he finds a revolutionary burger bar that has developed a highly efficient way of service.

Brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald developed their burger bar in San Bernardino, California to provide quality food quicker and faster than ever before. Designing their own kitchens in a way reminiscent of Henry Ford's production line. This simple idea of quick, cheap, quality food that is served with a smile turned out to be a huge hit.

They had even designed an iconic bespoke restaurant with golden arches. But never expanded the idea because of difficulties with quality control. Until Ray Kroc took charge of franchising the idea and the brand. Ultimately forcing his way into total control and labeling himself as the Founder of McDonald's.

I know what you are thinking, how on earth can a story about the founder of McDonald's make it onto the big screen. Well, put simply, because it's a classic American tale. But one of the most successful American tales you could ever tell. Yes, this is not a tale that has the outlandish back story of the likes of The Wolf on Wall Street. However, this is an amazing story and is told incredibly well.

Director, John Lee Hancock does a brilliant job whisking the audience back into the period. But more importantly, he manages to provide a brilliantly balanced portrayal of the story whilst providing tremendous detail. On top of that, the film moves along at a decent pace with a fine mix of charming entertainment.

It's fair to say that, The Founder does become somewhat of a showcase of the masterful acting skills of Micheal Keaton. But that's in a good way because he is outstanding playing Ray Kroc. Keaton is amazing at playing people with a dark side and he is at his very best here.

That's not to say the rest of the cast are terrible because that is not the case. Laura Dern plays his neglected wife brilliantly which reflects their desperation in a brilliant but subtle way. Patrick Wilson and Linda Cardellini, both give strong performances. But it is John Carroll Lynch and Nick Offerman, playing the McDonald's brothers who work best with Keaton. It's worth watching The Founder just to see these guys bounce off Keaton.

All in all, The Founder is a surprisingly good film. I would say that it is not so much a family film, kids may get a little bored with this. But for adults, The Founder gives a fascinating yet entertaining look at how one of the most recognizable brands in the world got to where it is today.


  • Micheal Keaton
  • Fascinating & Entertaining
  • Brilliantly told Story.


  • Can feel like a huge McDonald's Advert.


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