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Five friends plan their annual holiday but this year things are different in The Girls at the Back. One of them has been diagnosed with cancer and so begins a once in a lifetime adventure in this Spanish series.

Adding to an already impressive volume of Spanish content comes The Girls in the Back, a series about five friends sharing one very important weekend.

It is the story of five 30-year-olds, friends since school, who every single year, head off on a getaway together.

This year though, things are different. One of them has been diagnosed with cancer.

So before the first chemotherapy session, they plan their holiday. In a show of solidarity, they all shave their heads and make a pact that they will not talk about cancer on their beautiful trip.

Instead, to make things fun, they each have to complete a wish. It must be something they wouldn't normally ever do for fear of the consequences.

The fun bit is that each of them must write the wish on a piece of paper, put it in a box and they all have to do it. So five friends, five wishes, one bucket list challenge, no exceptions.

Knowing that this may be the very last trip they will all take together, they seize the opportunity to be more united than ever.

As the tagline of the movie says, there are trips that change your life forever, but there are lives that change your trips forever.

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Is The Girls at the Back Worth Watching?

Written and directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, The Girls at the Back is another Spanish gem.

There are plenty of friendship films and shows such as Firefly Lane, Wine Country, Girls Trip and Bridesmaids to name just a few. But nearly all are comedy based.

The Girls at the Back has gone down a different road. Yes, there are some really funny moments, but overall this is quite a poignant series and one that really brings home the fragility of the bonds that hold us together in the face of something so tragic as a cancer diagnosis.

But despite this, The Girls at the Back is a beautiful series that is as uplifting as it is sad. It is about friendship. It is about love. And it is about the rollercoaster that is life.

And yes, it is definitely worth watching.

The Girls at the Back Release Date

Filmed in Spain, The Girls at the Back (Las de la última fila) is a series with six episodes.

Netflix has now confirmed that The Girls at the Back season 1 will premiere on September 23rd 2022.

The Girls at the Back Cast

Itsaso Arana as Sara

Monica Miranda as Alma

Maria Rodríguez Soto as Carol

Mariona Terés as Leo

Godeliv Van den Brandt as Olga

Javier Rey as David

Macarena García

Michelle Jenner

Carmen Machi

Antonio de la Torre

Melina Matthews (Warrior Nun)


  • Great Friendship Series
  • Tackles Tough Issues Really Well
  • Rollercoaster Of Emotions


  • It's A Tough Subject To Base A Series On


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