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Eleanor Shellstrop has died and has mistakenly found herself in an afterlife known as The Good Place, despite her dubiously immoral existence on earth. But can she mend her ways and stay there in this brilliantly funny comedy?

Who knew moral philosophy could be so funny? The Good Place is a fantastically unique comedy that follows Eleanor Shellstrop who has mistakenly found herself in an afterlife known as The Good Place, despite her dubiously immoral existence on earth.

Eleanor Shellstrop is played by the very funny Kristen Bell (Like Father), a woman who suddenly dies and wakes up in the afterlife.

There, she is introduced by Michael, played by Ted Danson, to ‘The Good Place'.

It is a utopia he designed to reward people for the righteous lives they lived on earth.

It doesn't take Eleanor very long to realize she's in the wrong place. And so begins her attempts to hide her morally imperfect behaviour to avoid being sent to ‘The Bad Place'.

Living alongside her seemingly perfect neighbors, and aided by her open hearted soul mate Chidi, Eleanor sets out on a voyage of self-reflection.

The problem is that Eleanor really doesn't see anything wrong with the appallingly selfish life she lived on earth.

That is until she understands that unless she truly becomes a better person her prospects of being able to stay in The Good Place are very limited.

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Is The Good Place Worth Watching?

This is an entirely unique proposition as far as tv series go. As a result, I genuinely have very little to compare it to which is probably what makes this show so damn good.

Essentially it is a story of redemption and salvation. How does a person with dubious ethical behavior embark on a journey of self-improvement for more than their own immediate needs?

And even if they do all the work, what happens when it's still not enough?

This is the dilemma faced by Eleanor when she realizes that her attempts to become a better person may have been for nothing.

The Good Place is supremely entertaining. It is hilariously funny, the writing is sharp, and the charming performances from the cast are superb.

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson knock it out of the park and their on-screen chemistry really is top-notch.

In fact, all of the supporting cast – William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, D'Arcy Carden and Maya Rudolph (Loot) are excellent in their roles.

And as simple as the premise seems, the plot of The Good Place goes much deeper and takes a very surprising turn at the end of the first season.

It will have you hitting the ‘up next' button faster than you can blink.

As far as binge-worthy comedies go, The Good Place is top of the list.

How Many Seasons Of The Good Place?

Created by Michael Schur, there are 50 episodes across four seasons of The Good Place.

At only 25 minutes each, you will whizz through them in no time at all.

Did The Good Place Get Cancelled?

Technically The Good Place was not cancelled. The creators and cast knew going into tv season 4 that it would be the last one.

This allowed them to finish off the entire show exactly as they wanted.

Ultimately, the final episode was the perfect send-off for the characters they had created.

The Good Place Cast

Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, a deceased selfish pharmaceutical saleswoman who winds up in The Good Place in error. She then tries to become a better person despite obstacles from a few enemies along the way.

William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye, a deceased professor of ethics and moral philosophy. His indecisive nature frequently leaves him overanxious.

Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil, a deceased wealthy British philanthropist and fashion model. She fully believes she belongs in The Good Place.

D'Arcy Carden as Janet, a programmed guide all knowing assistant who acts as the Good Place's main source of information. She can provide its residents with whatever they desire.

Manny Jacinto (Nine Perfect Strangers) as Jason Mendoza, a deceased amateur DJ and drug dealer who seemingly winds up in The Good Place by mistake.

Ted Danson as Michael, the good place's architect. He looks after the neighborhood in which Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason reside.

Tiya Sircar (Good Sam) as Vicky, a Bad Place demon whose position in the Good Place Eleanor supposedly stole in the first season. She specialises in the psychological torture of the four humans in the show.

Adam Scott (Severance) as Trevor, a cruel Bad Place demon who bullies the main group.

Marc Evan Jackson as Shawn, Michael's wicked boss who later turns against him when he finds out about Michael's betrayal.

Jason Mantzoukas as Derek, a malfunctioning artificial rebound boyfriend created by Janet.

Maya Rudolph as Gen, the eternal judge who rules on interdimensional matters between the Bad Place and the Good Place.


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