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The Grand Tour sees Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond head around the world on amazing adventures as they test the best and worst that the car industry has to offer.

I have always enjoyed watching motoring shows and watched Top Gear for many many years, observing it morph into a hugely successful international show.

The chemistry between the three main presenters is what binds this show together. The hugely popular Jeremy Clarkson (Clarkson's Farm) was always seen as the superior of the three.

However, there was no doubt that his co-presenters James May (Our Man In Japan) and Richard Hammond brought something special to their roles too.

But famously, early in 2015, Top Gear ended and instead of fading off into the sunset, Amazon created The Grand Tour. So is it the same as Top Gear and is it even worth watching?

What Is The Grand Tour About?

The Grand Tour is bigger and better than anyone thought it would be. Pure adrenaline fuelled excess, crazy antics and lots of racing cars are on the menu and we're here for it.

The show features the trio traveling to different locations around the world, participating in various challenges and testing out a wide range of cars.

The series combines elements of comedy, entertainment, and automotive journalism to create an exciting and often humorous viewing experience. Each episode typically consists of multiple segments, including exotic car reviews, epic races, and special challenges designed to push the hosts to their limits.

The Grand Tour places a strong emphasis on showcasing stunning cinematography, as the hosts visit breathtaking landscapes and iconic landmarks. The show also includes celebrity guests, who join in on the fun and take part in various challenges or engage in lighthearted interviews.

Apart from the automotive content, The Grand Tour often incorporates commentary on current events, social issues, and popular culture, adding an extra layer of wit and satire to the series.

Overall, it offers an entertaining blend of cars, humour, and adventure, allowing viewers to join Clarkson, Hammond, and May on their global escapades and enjoy their unique chemistry and banter.

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Is The Grand Tour Worth Watching?

It has to be said that The Grand Tour is not the greatest show on TV. But that does not mean it is a bad show either. It may not win any awards, but it was never meant to.

Some would argue that there should be more focus on the cars and provide some more valid reviews of everyday cars instead of supercars that are out of the average persons' financial reach.

I have to say, they are missing the point somewhat. The Grand Tour is nothing more than pure fun. Just three blokes having a laugh together and all done in some of the most exotic places on the planet.

The show has a huge fan base and if you enjoy automotive shows a bit of adventure and a few laughs then The Grand Tour is worth watching.

It's stunning to look at has plenty of exciting challenges and the dynamic between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May is always on point.

How Many Seasons OF The Grand Tour Are There?

There are currently FIVE seasons of The Grand Tour available on Amazon Prime Video.

For the first three seasons, the format was focused on a similar arrangement to that of Top Gear, involving a mixture of pre-recording television films and live-audience studio segments.

Alongside these episodes, the show also included specials that focused on the presenters travelling on journeys in a specific type of vehicle or class within a foreign locale.

Then the show deviated with season 4 in favour of films dedicated to road trips and adventure specials. The first special titled Seamen, was set on the Mekong Delta in Cambodia and Vietnam and released on 13 December 2019.

The second special, set in Réunion and Madagascar is entitled A Massive Hunt, and was released in December 2020.

A third special, Lochdown, was filmed in Scotland and released in July 2021. That was followed by Carnage A Trois which was released on 17 December 2021.

All in, the first four ‘Specials' are considered to be Season 4 of The Grand Tour.

The fifth season of The Grand Tour kicked off with the fifth special, A Scandi Flick. Produciton was postponed until March 2022 but was eventually filmed in Norway travelling through Sweden and concluding in Finland.

The latest, and sixth Grand Tour special, Eurocrash, was released in June 2023 and sees Clarkson, Hammond and May begin in Poland, before travelling to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

And, at time of writing, a seventh special is being filmed between Mauritania and Senegal.

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  • Fantastic For Car Lovers
  • Really Funny Specials That Showcase Other Countries
  • Great Fun


  • Too Many Silly Stunts
  • Some Scenes Are Purposefully Over The Top


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