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The Imitation Game

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This tense wartime thriller is as mechanical as the computation machine within it. A movie that efficiently provides the information to the audience at a blistering pace.

The Imitation Game is heavily based on the book The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, a biography of the genius Alan Turing, who is widely recognized as the father of computer science.

His computation machine created to break the code of the Germans Enigma machine certainly was the first of its kind.

Deep into the second world war, the allies were losing the battle. They needed every advantage they could get. As all of the messages sent from the Germans were coded; the code needed to be broken to save countless lives.

There was a specialist code-breaking school at Bletchley Park, consisting of some of the greatest codebreaking minds in the world.

Turing created a number of ways to accelerate the process by using machines.

The Turing Machine; the main focus in this film helped to save the lives of countless humans. It is fair to say that without the people at Bletchley and their achievements the war could have ended very differently.

Is The Imitation Game Worth Watching>?

Director Morten Tyldum does a great job with a tremendously complex story. He presents a very balanced portrayal of the events, never getting bogged down in unnecessary detail or patriotism.

It is beautifully shot with a color tone that matches the feel of the period.

But it is the exceptional performance from Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange) as Turing that really makes this film special.

Supported by Keira Knightley, Charles Dance, Matthew Goode and Mark Strong. This is a brilliant cast, that gives award-winning performances.

Generally, the story of Turing had not been told before on screen. This is an incredibly important story to be told, but I guess the subject may have been seen as too challenging. I have to admit that on reading what the film was about I too was a bit hesitant.

However, after just a few minutes into the film, I was completely absorbed. The Imitation Game is a fantastic informative movie that should be top of your what to watch next on Amazon list.

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  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Oscar Winning Screenplay
  • Informative


  • Keira Knightley


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