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The Invitation follows Will and his girlfriend Kira who have been invited to dinner by Will's ex-wife but all is not what it seems in this tension filled thriller.

The Invitation is a tension-filled thriller that will have you guessing to the very end.

The murky atmosphere and tension-laden setting of The Invitation immediately draws you into its web of suspense and psychological thrills.

Directed by Karyn Kusama, this drama-horror offers a haunting exploration of grief, human connection, and the uncomfortable nature of old friendships revived.

It's a dinner party from hell, and we're all nervously waiting for the main course. So will it be delicious or should we skip it and move on to something else?

What Is The Invitation About?

Will and his girlfriend Kira have been invited to a dinner by Will's ex-wife Eden. They haven't seen each other, or their mutual friends in two years. That's for a few different reasons.

Firstly, Will and Eden share the devastating loss of their only child Ty who died accidentally a few years earlier.

Secondly, Eden is now with a new partner, David, and has been out of the country for some time. So in an effort to reconnect with everybody, she decides to throw a party.

It's clear from the start of The Invitation that this is not a dinner that Will, played by Logan Marshall-Green, wants to attend. It's uncomfortable for him to be back in the house with its memories and while he tries to reconnect with his old friends, he remains guarded.

The party starts off well enough. Drinks are poured, jokes are shared and everybody except Will seems to be having a good time. That is until Eden and David decide to share the fact that they have been in Mexico participating in ‘The Invitation' which is notorious for being a cult.

Next comes the video introducing the rest of the party go-ers to the concept of freeing oneself from hurt, grief and pain. Tensions rise as a few object but while their fears are quelled, Will's suspicion increases. Why are all the doors locked? Why is there no phone reception? Where is their missing friend?

And that's the twist in this movie. The whole way along you genuinely don't know who is crazy and who isn't. Is it Will? Is he just a grieving father seeing things that aren't really there?

Or is it Eden and David, the cool, calm and collected couple who have moved passed their own grief? Or maybe it's neither…

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Is The Invitation Worth Watching?

Karyn Kusama masterfully creates an atmosphere of suspense, drawing you into the thick psychological tension that keeps them on edge throughout the movie.

The cast, particularly Logan Marshall-Green and Tammy Blanchard, deliver stirring performances, conveying a raw emotional intensity that resonates deeply with viewers.

The Invitation is well paced, with each revelation and plot twist thoughtfully timed, ensuring you are gripped till the very end.

One small problem emerges when you realise there are other people at the dinner who really don't get enough screen time. Those characters could have benefitted from more developed backstories, deepening our understanding of their motivations.

And while the film thrives on its mysterious undertones, a few plot points might come off as overly ambiguous, leaving some viewers desiring clearer resolutions or explanations.

Overall The Invitation is a testament to the power of atmospheric storytelling. It's a slow-burn thriller that's worth the watch, drawing you into its magnetic field of suspense and raw emotion.

The Invitation Movie Cast

Logan Marshall-Green (Lou) as Will

Emayatzy Corinealdi as Kira

Tammy Blanchard as Eden

Michiel Huisman (The Haunting of Hill House) as David

John Carroll Lynch as Pruitt

Lindsay Burdge as Sadie

Michelle Krusiec as Gina

Jay Larson as Tommy

Mike Doyle as Ben


  • Tension Filled
  • Keeps You Guessing
  • Great Cast


  • The Build Up Can Be Slow


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