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The Joel McHale Show is a sharp and witty series that reviews the most topical and bizarre events that the internet and tv have to offer. With his droll sense of humour McHale is a master at making us laugh out loud at the sheer lunacy of modern pop culture using snippets, sketches and guest stars to give us 25 minutes of comedic brilliance.

The Joel McHale Show on Netflix is 100% laugh out loud funny. Nobody does comedic apathy quite like Joel and to be fair he has plenty to work with. Adopting a very casual style McHale takes us through the absolute worst that tv and the internet has to offer in a series of snippets highlighting just how crazy some shows are. And he doesn't just stick with the US, he is an equal opportunity destroyer and happily reviews the nonsense from all around the world.

McHale has been around for some time and many of you may remember him from his original show ‘The Soup' which ran from 2004-2015. The Joel McHale show is along similar lines and is essentially a hilarious and sharp look at pop culture and news. It's topical, outrageous and at times unbelievable and at just 25 minutes per show, goes by in a flash.

If you're looking for something witty and clever that will have you roaring with laughter – mostly at the sheer stupidity of others, then this is the programme for you. It premiered in February 2018 on Netflix and streams Sunday each week worldwide. On May 11, 2018, it was announced that Netflix had ordered an additional six episodes of the series, which were released simultaneously on July 15, 2018. There are twenty episodes to sink your teeth into and each has it's own guest star including Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Paul Feig and Justin Hartley and each is recorded just one week earlier so the topics are always as up to date as possible.

It's lighthearted and although he highlights the most absurd things the internet has to offer, it is still really good fun and should be top of your ‘to watch' list. That said, unfortunately Netflix have now decided not to renew the show which is a real shame. There are still some sweet comedies available on the streaming service and while it may not be as biting as the Joel McHale Show, Grace and Frankie is really good fun.


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