The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas

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Unluck-in-love Brooke has her world turned upside down when she meets Sir Cole, a man who claims to be a 13th Century knight who has traveled through time to fulfill a quest. No prizes for guessing how this Christmas flick plays out.

If you love your Christmas movies absolutely dripping in cheesiness then The Knight Before Christmas will be right up your street. Following all known formulas for creating a festive flick, this movie stars Vanessa Hudgens, who has quickly become the queen of holiday movies. Vanessa (The Princess Switch) plays Brooke, a conveniently unluck-in-love, hard-working, kind and beautiful young woman. She's basically perfect.

Then one day she literally bumps into Sir Cole at a Christmas market. Thinking nothing of it she goes on her way only to accidentally hit him (barely) with her car later in the day. When he introduces himself as a 13th-century Knight from England she thinks he's concussed. To be fair, most people would. But instead of just dropping him off at the local hospital, Brooke decides he can stay in her guest house. She really is that charitable.

The story unfolds as Sir Cole relays the story of a crone who told him he must fulfill his quest if he wants to return home to see his brother get knighted. However, Cole (Josh Whitehouse) doesn't know what that is. Over the next five days, Cole adapts to life in the 21st century as the two of them try to get ready for Christmas and work out the quest. SPOILER ALERT: Brooke is the quest. To be fair, you can see that coming from a million miles so it's not really a spoiler!

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So what does The Knight Before Christmas offer that other holiday movies don't? Not much to be honest. Beautiful loveless leading lady – tick. Handsome, kind and perfect love interest – tick. Snow, lots of snow – tick. Saccharine oozing out of the tv screen – tick. The all-important happy ending – tick. All the components for a pretty formulaic Christmas flick.

But for all of that predictability, it was still good. Ish. Like A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish, the cast is great and the acting is well above par for these types of churned out festive treats. However, there are parts sooooo cheesy that even my nine-year-old begged me to skip through them citing that the cringe was just too much. If you're into Christmas movies, you will undoubtedly love it. If they're not your thing, The Knight Before Christmas won't change your mind.


  • Really Good Casting
  • Solid Acting For A Christmas Movie
  • High Production Value


  • Way Too Much Cheese
  • Extremely Formulaic


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