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The Letdown is an endearing and relatable comedy drama that captures the struggles of new parenthood as we follow a sleep deprived, over-whelmed Audrey trying to find a new normal in the world of motherhood.

For anybody who ever struggled soon after their baby was born, The Letdown is for you.

It is an Australian television comedy series which has been streamed globally by Netflix and it is, in a nutshell, brilliant.

The portrayal of new motherhood by the show's creator, writer (with Sarah Scheller) and star, Alison Bell, is absolutely spot on.

But don't take my word for it. Let's delve into what The Letdown is all about and decide if it's worth watching.

What Is The Letdown About?

The Letdown depicts the challenges and hilarities of new motherhood, focusing particularly on the experiences of the central character, Audrey, as she navigates the trials of sleep deprivation, shifting relationships, and the loss of her former identity.

Almost every aspect of navigating life with a new born is captured in perfect detail. While the scenarios are all too familiar for many, the programme is peppered with enough laughs to ease the frequent moments of crisis and despair that the show's main character, mom Audrey, struggles with.

She has a baby that doesn't sleep and a slightly judgemental local parents group full of strangers. Her husband works far too much and her own mother doesn't pitch in.

With friends that don't quite understand the struggles of new parenthood, The Letdown beautifully captures the moment in Audrey's life when she realises that the life she had is well and truly gone.

She's tired and over-whelmed but keeps going and that's the best bit. Because through all the difficulties, Audrey realises that just because things have changed that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

People who were once strangers become your friends and actually life is pretty good – even if you haven't slept in 12 weeks!

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Is The Letdown TV Series Worth Watching?

The Letdown has its audience and while this is certainly not meant in a sexist way, it will likely appeal more to women who have kids.

In fact, I'm positive that it is one of the best tonics for surviving the first few months of new parenthood.

Each episode delves into the different challenges Audrey faces as a new mom, from dealing with judgmental parents to attending a mothers' support group with a group of diverse and quirky parents.

The show beautifully balances the comedic moments with the real emotional challenges and vulnerabilities faced by new parents.

It's just a quirky, funny reminder that no matter how detached from reality your life may seem in the moment, it passes and all is right with the world. And if you can throw a bit of humour into the mix then that's even better.

There aren't many shows that are too similar to The Letdown but if you love watching Workin' Moms then you'll also enjoy this.

How Many Seasons Of The Letdown?

Originally, The Letdown aired as a pilot episode in 2016 as part of the ABC's “Comedy Showroom” series. Due to its positive reception, it was developed into a full series.

The series has two seasons, the first with seven episodes and the second with six episodes.

It was widely praised for its realistic portrayal of new motherhood, touching on subjects that are often glossed over in other shows or movies.

It deals with postpartum depression, the changing dynamics between partners after childbirth, the isolation that can come with being a new parent, and more.

The humour is relatable, especially to parents, but the show is engaging even for those who haven’t experienced parenthood.

Cast Of The Letdown TV Series

Alison Bell as Audrey who joins a new parents support group after she has her first child

Duncan Fellows as Jeremy, Audrey's husband

Noni Hazlehurst as Ambrose

Sacha Horler as Ester

Lucy Durack (Sisters) as new mom Sophie

Leon Ford as Ruben

Celeste Barber (Wellmania) as Barbara

Taylor Ferguson as Jenna

Leah Vandenberg as Martha

Xana Tang as Georgia

Sarah Peirse as Verity


  • Honest
  • Refreshing
  • Humourous


  • Only 7 Episodes


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