The Light Between Oceans

The Light Between Oceans

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Set in Western Australia after the First World War, this haunting romantic period drama is soaked with deep emotions whilst raising significant moral questions along the way. Warning - Get the tissues at the ready.

The Light Between Oceans is the screen adaptation of the book by M.L.Steadman published in 2012.

It is set in post-war Western Australia when a traumatised WW1 veteran seeks solace by gaining employment as the lighthouse keeper on a remote island. He then falls deeply in love with a beautiful girl on the mainland.

The two marry and set up their idyllic life on the island together where the isolation magnifies the deep beautiful connection between the two. And the setting plays a massive part in this heartbreaking story of undying love, sacrifice and separation.

Director Derek Cianfrance filmed the movie in southern New Zealand in spectacular scenery. Essential to the story is the feeling of separation which is obvious from early on in the film.

The story asks many moral questions. How do people cope with loss? How deep is the need for love and connection? What sacrifices are we willing to make in life?

The casting for The Light Between Oceans is pure brilliance. Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz, Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown all give outstanding performances. But the brittle chemistry between Fassbender and Vikander is magnetic.

Both actors give powerful emotional performances that drives the movie forward through heartwarming and tragically heartbreaking moments.

As a period romantic drama, I was not quite sure what to expect going into this movie. But this is a beautiful film on many levels. Visually it is stunning and the acting is incredible.

But more importantly, it successfully challenges your emotions in ways that most movies never can, ending up with a truly unique movie experience.

The Light Between Oceans will haunt you for some time after watching it. But the emotional roller coaster that it is, is well worth the ride – just make sure you have a fair few tissues at the ready.


  • Superb Cast
  • Spectacular Scenery
  • Emotional


  • Painful at times


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  1. The best movie I ever saw, emotional never quite does it justice. If you don,t feel the pain from Toms perspective your not going to fully appreciate this flick. It is better if you read the book first.


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