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12 players must work together to complete tasks and add money to a pot that only one of them can win. But The Mole is there to sabotage them and their prize money in this highly addictive Netflix reality competition series.

If there's one thing that Netflix is really, really good at, it's creating addictive tv reality tv shows. And The Mole is no exception.

A reboot of the reality game show that originally aired on ABC from 2001 to 2008 and was hosted by Anderson Cooper, The Mole will have you hooked.

What Is The Mole On Netflix About?

The concept is simple. Twelve players enter the jungle in Australia. Their job is to complete tasks, and for each task that they complete, prize money is added to the pot that only one of them can win.

Sounds easy. But there's a twist. They all know that one of them is The Mole. The Mole's identity is a secret, even the viewers don't know who it is.

The Mole's job is to sabotage the group's money making efforts so that they don't win any money. And it's up to the contestants to uncover who that mole is as they try to earn as much money as possible.

Unlike a normal reality competition, the players don't get voted out. Instead, at the end of each task, they must all take a quiz of 20 questions about who they think the mole is.

The player with the lowest score is automatically and instantly eliminated in the ‘execution ceremony'.

Because, of course, The Mole knows who they are and can answer all of the questions correctly, ensuring they stay until the end.

The remaining players continue with the game, try to earn money and add cash to the group pot and

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The Mole Netflix Release Date

If you've never heard of The Mole, then technically, the first season on Netflix is actually the show's sixth season, including two celebrity seasons.

The series has previously been hosted by Anderson Cooper, Ahmad Rashad, and Jon Kelley.

For Netflix, the show is hosted by Alex Wagner, though there is no guarantee she will return for what will undoubtedly be a second season.

For most of us, it is a brand new concept, with the first five episodes released by Netflix on Friday, October 7th 2022.

Similar to their other competition shows, such as The Circle, episodes are not all dropped at once, building the tension over a three-week period.

Is The Mole Worth Watching On Netflix?

If reality competition tv is your thing, then you will not want to miss The Mole.

From the first episode, it is absolutely addictive. Not only are the tasks elaborate and really difficult, but there are twists and turns for days.

Secret tasks to add money to a pot or moral choices to take money away from it in exchange for an exemption just add to the fun. And, of course, there's the big question of who is the actual mole?

Each time you think you have somebody pegged, it turns out that you are wrong. Are the players deliberately making themselves look like the mole so that another player guesses wrong and goes home?

Or maybe they are being too nice and trustworthy so that nobody suspects them? The mind games and strategy is great, the tasks are really difficult but easy to sabotage, and the players themselves are varied and diverse enough to make it all more interesting.

So yes, The Mole is definitely worth watching.


  • Highly Addicitive
  • Great Strategy And Gameplay
  • Real Fun Guessing Who The Mole Is


  • Some Contestants Are Better Than Others
  • Absolutely No Viewer Clues For The Mole
  • Episodes Dropped Over Three Weeks


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  1. Ahhh! Lovely. I really like The Mole back in the day but it dropped off the radar in the UK. Glad it’s been picked up by Netflix.


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