The New Legends of Monkey

The New Legends of Monkey

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This brilliant remake of the cult TV show is great fun for all the family. If you were a fan of the original you will love this and with each episode running for less than half an hour it is perfect to binge on with the kids.

The New Legends of Monkey is a brand new reboot of the cult 70s classic show Monkey Magic. The original show was produced in Japan and was based on the 16th-century Chinese story Journey to the West. It is one of the great classical novels of Chinese literature. It follows the journey of Tripitaka a Buddhist monk who has set out to find ancient scriptures. He is aided by the Monkey King who has a magical staff and is able to fly on a cloud that he can call at will.

Now I know the storyline sounds a little out there. But if you are familiar with the original series, you will know that the true appeal of the show is just how crazy the whole thing is. It is laced with comedy and heaps of action. Plus the original was also famous for the funny overdubbed English that added to the appeal.

The new production is shot in New Zealand. It stars a diverse cast, including comedians that bring some genuine humour to the show. Kiwi comedian Josh Thomson is fantastic playing the part of Pigsy. And along with Rachel House, they bring lots of laughs whilst having great presence on screen too.

All in all, this show is just great fun for all the family to enjoy. It does not take itself too seriously whilst having a great story and a style all of its own that is quite unique. Each episode is less than thirty minutes long. That makes it great to binge on especially as there are only ten episodes. If you are looking for something lighthearted for all the family to enjoy then The New Legends of Monkey is a great choice.


  • Great Fun
  • Lots of Action
  • Family Friendly


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