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Drawing from the real-life experiences of producer Al Ruddy, The Offer chronicles the making of Francis Ford Coppola's iconic 1972 adaptation of Mario Puzo's classic novel The Godfather.

The Offer is the true story behind the making of the classic film The Godfather. Miles Teller stars as Al Ruddy, an up-and-coming Hollywood producer tasked with producing the epic movie. What follows is a riveting and emotionally charged journey of his struggle to get the movie made.

Al Ruddy had co-created the hit CBS series ‘Hogans Heroes‘. Nevertheless, he was still relatively unknown in Hollywood when he was offered the opportunity to produce The Godfather.

He faced a seemingly endless series of challenges, including the studio's reluctance to back the project, competing demands from the film's stars and dealing with the real Mafia.

What's The Offer About?

The series starts with struggling author Mario Puzo pitching his new novel to his literary agent. The book, titled ‘The Godfather‘, went on to become an international bestseller. Nevertheless, many Italian Americans were outraged by the depiction of their community in the novel.

Puzo was able to sell the movie rights to his book. However, mounting pressure from the Italian Community and the Mafia leaves the project in serious danger of being shut down.

Rookie producer Al Ruddy persevered and was eventually able to get the green light from Paramount for the project. But that was just the start of his problems.

This series doesn't just tell the story of Ruddy's personal struggles but also delves into the complexities of producing in Hollywood, providing a fascinating overview of the process needed to bring a movie from script to the big screen.

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Is The Offer Worth Watching?

On paper, a series about the making of a movie might not sound all that entertaining. Fortunately, The Offer is far from dull and offers up an intriguing insight into the inner workings of Hollywood in the early '70s.

Miles Tiller (Top Gun: Maverick) gives a fantastic performance, but it's Matthew Goode who steals the show as Paramount Executive Robert Evens.

Other notable performances come from Juno Temple, who you'll recognise from the hit Apple TV series Ted Lasso and Dan Fogler, who shines as Coppola.

The script is sharp, witty and full of great dialogue. Frank John Hughes, who plays Frank Sinatra in the series, gets many of the series' best lines.

As a big fan of The Godfather movie, I found this series to be a captivating look at the making of one of Hollywood's greatest films. However, I was wondering how it would hold up for those who are unfamiliar with the movie.

It's difficult to assess, but I think you'll enjoy The Offer more if you're already familiar with the movie. But if you have no prior knowledge of The Godfather, I'm sure this series will still be a great watch.

In conclusion, The Offer has a wonderful cast, sharp script and great production values – all of which make it worth watching.

How Close Is The Offer To Real Life?

When it comes to shows based on real-life events, viewers often speculate whether or not the facts depicted are factual. The Offer is no exception; if you're in doubt as to whether some of the occurrences actually happened, you're not alone!

The Offer is based on the true story of how The Godfather came to be. That said, there are some liberties taken with the facts – especially in regard to Al Ruddy's relationship with Robert Evans and Francis Ford Coppola's involvement.

Evans was known for his ruthlessness as an executive, but The Offer paints him as a more sympathetic character. It's well-documented that Mario Puzo and Frank Sinatra were moments away from exchanging blows at iconic Chasen's restaurant. This scene plays out in The Offer, and very closely resembles what actually happened in real life.

It's also true that the studio was dead set against Al Pacino being cast in the leading role of Michael Corleone. Paramount executives wanted Robert Redford for the role, but Ruddy thought otherwise. Overall, The Offer takes some creative liberties but paints a fairly accurate picture.

Mafia Involvement

Joe Colombo's involvement in the production of The Godfather is so outlandish that it almost sounds like fiction. However, a 1971 New York Times article confirms its truth.

In fact, organised crime was intricately intertwined with the movie and had input on scripts, including striking out the word “mafia.”

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