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In the Netflix reality series 'The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties', you get a glimpse of some stunning French homes, from a Chateau in the countryside to a luxury Parisian mansion on the banks of the River Seine. This series is for anyone who loves reality real estate shows like Selling Sunset or Million Dollar Beach House.

Get ready to fall in love with the French countryside and Parisian elegance in this series, where you meet France's top real estate agent. It's a must-watch show for anyone who loves France, property and handsome French estate agents!

The Katz family own a luxury property business in Paris where they help wealthy clients buy and sell fabulous homes in France and Europe. Olivier and his wife Sandrine have grown their Parisian Agency over the years to be worth more than 16 million euros. Three of their grown-up sons joined them to help run a business that has become well known not just in Paris but internationally too.

The brothers handle listings, viewings and generally joking around in the office! One of the more amusing scenes shows them ‘listing' their 87-year-old grandmother on a senior dating website. She asks them to take ten years off her actual age! The grandmother ‘Majo' is the star of the series. A Senior PLUS PLUS, as their father likes to joke.

One of families younger clients is Lisa; she's a 35-year-old CEO of her own lingerie company. She specifies that she prefers looking for new homes and offices simultaneously – most preferably older houses because of their charm. Her budget? Just 8 million euros! When Valintin shows her a house in Paris, she likes the modern touches and retractable pool but hates the home's contemporary look. Instead, she finds a 19th-century mansion that's more in sync with her tastes despite its “masculine” main bathroom.

What appeals to me about this series over many American and Australian property shows is the closeness of the family; this isn't something that you see on other reality series because it's genuine, not something thrown together by producers.

You get a delightful family-centric business with gorgeous locations, lighthearted cliffhangers and one very cool grandma. The properties are the types you look at and fantasize about walking through, much less living in. The drone shots of Paris, as well as the surrounding areas, make you want to visit France and buy a lovely apartment – has anyone got the number of Martin Kretz? purely business, of course!


  • Lovely Family
  • Stunning Homes
  • Feel Good Factor


  • Knowing You'll Never Be Able To Afford These Homes


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