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The Perfection is a difficult movie to pigeonhole, is it a horror movie? Or a dark psychological thriller? Ultimately it doesn't matter; the gratuitous amount of gore will entertain horror fans, and thriller aficionados will be kept guessing with the plethora of plot twists.

This story begins with two female Cellists meeting in Shanghai. Elizabeth (Logan Browning) is the latest musical protégé of an exclusive music academy run by Anton Bachoff (Steven Weber). While performing in China, Elizabeth meets Charlotte Willmore, a former student of the same Academy. The two young cellists embark on a steamy affair which sets in motion a very twisted tale of love, revenge and retribution.

I will deliberately keep the rest of this review vague, or else I risk giving away the plot twists. I will say this; Having watched “The Perfection” without knowing anything about the story. Other than the 30-second trailer that previewed before I hit play. The first 10 minutes of the movie felt like a traditional psychological thriller. I can almost hear you thinking, that sounds pretty boring! and it is. However, once the opening scenes are over, the film will keep you guessing and gulping the whole way through.

“The Perfection” has echos of “Black Swan” about it, but it also has a raw edge which reminded me of that other Netflix gorefest “The Babysitter” although “The Perfection” is more than a mash-up of two genres. The performances from the cast are excellent — especially Steven Webber as the uber smarmy director of the Music Academy. Allison Williams, who plays Charlotte, is also worthy of a mention. Although, she's in danger of becoming Hollywood's go-to ‘Crazy Bitch' with this role coming on the back of her performance as the crazy girlfriend in ‘Get Out'.

Overall, it's fair to say this film doesn't always hit the high notes, but it does bang out a decent tune. There's enough twists, turns and terror to keep even the most jaded horror fan entertained.


  • Plot Twists
  • Allison Williams
  • Unexpected Ending


  • Crazy At Times
  • Very Gory


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