The Ridiculous Six

The Ridiculous Six

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Meet the Stockburn Brothers, the most ridiculous group of half-brothers ever seen on screen. This completely outrageous Comedy Western is packed full of laughs from start to finish. Think Blazing Saddles and magnify by ten and you are getting close to this movie.

The Ridiculous 6 is an outrageous slapstick Western Comedy produced by Happy Maddison. That's the production company set up by Adam Sandler in 1999. Adam Sandler (The Meyerowitz Stories) has his very own style and brand of comedy that has spawned hits like Happy Gillmore, Billy Madison, The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer. Most of his films have been written in collaboration with Tim Herlihy and always deliver constant laughs. It has to be said that this style of comedy is not to everyone's taste but if you like Adam Sandler movies then the Ridiculous 6 is a great laugh.

Happy Madison productions signed a four-movie deal with Netflix and the Ridiculous 6 was the first to show. When the movie was released in 2015, it broke records for viewing in the US. CEO Reed Hastings quoted that after its debut the Ridiculous 6 was seen more times in thirty days than any other movie in Netflix History.

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This spoof Western does exactly what it says in the title. It is Ridiculous to the extreme. The cast features a lot of the usual crowd from Adam Sandler movies. Actors such as Rob Schneider and Terry Crews give brilliantly funny performances. Jorge Garcia, Taylor Lautner and Luke Wilson play the other three brothers of the crazy band of brothers. But it is the supporting cast that is the big surprise. Steve Buscemi is hilarious playing a doctor with some very suspect ointments. Harvey Keitel is fantastic as a bar owner named smiley and Nick Nolte plays Frank Stockburn. Other cameos include David Spade, John Lovitz, Blake Shelton and Vanilla Ice. All are involved in one of the oddest poker game scenes you will ever see in a movie.

The movie was torn apart by critics. But this is in no way a serious film. If you are looking for something serious then don't bother watching a film with the word Ridiculous in the title! I must warn you that some of the jokes are extremely cringe-worthy. In particular, the initiation scene of a new recruit to the left eye gang that is as horrific as it is funny. So if you want to have a laugh and not think too hard, then The Ridiculous 6 is well worth a watch.



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  • Brilliant Cast
  • Outrageously Funny
  • Great Cameos


  • Could be Offensive to Some


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