The Secret: Dare To Dream

The Secret: Dare To Dream

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Miranda Wells is a struggling widow with three children. With the bills piling up and a storm on the way, can a mysterious stranger reignite the family's spirits in The Secret: Dare To Dream?

Based on the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret: Dare To Dream stars Katie Holmes as Miranda Wells, a struggling widow of three living in New Orleans. Despite a good job running a restaurant, money is tight and the bills are piling up. Then one day Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas) arrives. He has a delivery that will change her life but before he can tell her, Storm Hazel hits the town.

With a damaged home, no way to pay for the repairs, and her daughter's birthday party to think of, Miranda accepts Bray's offer to help fix the roof. All the while her mother-in-law is actively encouraging her to sell the house and her boyfriend is piling on the pressure to move their relationship along. But what does Miranda actually want?

And that is the point of The Secret: Dare To Dream. Your thoughts attract things with a force, that you cannot see, but is definitely real. So if you put out negative thoughts, or live under a cloud, that's how your life will feel. Bray sees the world in terms of goodness and positivity. Miranda, due to her circumstances sees the world a little differently. So can Bray help Miranda to reignite her zest for life?

The Secret: Dare to Dream is an inspiring and heartwarming film. It's brimming with compassion and hope and the idea that your positive thoughts can transform your life. But if you're looking for some realism, you won't find it here. And maybe that's not such a bad thing. It's beautiful looking with characters that are highly relatable with Holmes and Lucas really popping on the screen. As dramas go, all the boxes are ticked.

If I had to be picky and highlight an issue with it, it's that life isn't as predictable as The Secret: Dare to Dream. Despite the sprinkling of ‘laws of attraction' throughout the movie, simply being positive doesn't mean that all your problems will be solved. But if you take the movie for what it is you will definitely come away feeling very good having watched it. And sometimes that's all you need to brighten up your day. Along the lines of The Notebook or The Best Of Me in terms of style and romantic drama.


  • So Positive And Uplifting
  • Holmes And Lucas Great On Screen Together
  • Relatable Characters


  • Very Predictable
  • Maybe A Little Too Warm & Fuzzy


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