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A little girl vanishes during a parade and a young journalist is drawn to the case and decides to investigate in The Snow Girl, adapted from the Spanish best-selling novel.

Netflix is awash with crime drama, some good, some not so good. So how will The Snow Girl stand up to the rest of the excellent shows in the genre?

Based on the best-selling Spanish novel by Javier Castillo, The Snow Girl (La chica de nieve) is a mini-series, which essentially means that there is only one season with the story wrapped up completely. However, that doesn't necessarily rule out a second season.

Before we decide if that is warranted, let's find out all about The Snow Girl and if it's worth watching.

What Is The Snow Girl About?

The initial year and setting for The Snow Girl have deviated from the book. Originally, it was New York in 1998 at a Thanksgiving parade. However, in the tv series, it is Malaga in 2010 at Three Wise Men parade.

It is here that a little girl called Amaya Martín simply disappears into the crowd.

After a frantic search throughout the city and no trace of the child, Inspector Millán opens a case and the race to find Amaya is on.

Parallel to this, a young newspaper journalist called Miren Rojo is intrigued by the case and decides to start her own investigation. With the help of veteran journalist Eduardo, she is fiercely determined to help Amaya's parents find her.

But she gets a lot more than she bargained for when the case brings back memories of her past that she would rather forget. And things get a whole lot more interesting when, six years later, Amaya's parents are sent a VHS tape that proves their daughter is still alive.

But where is she, and who kidnapped Amaya Martín? Find out in The Snow Girl.

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Is The Snow Girl Worth Watching?

Anybody who regularly reads my reviews knows that I love nothing more than a solid crime drama. I also know that many of the best tend to come from Europe, and The Snow Girl is no different.

Dark, brooding, and mysterious, over six episodes, we are taken on a rollercoaster of unimaginable pain as the search for Amaya continues through the years. With it being every parent's worst nightmare, the tension is palpable from the moment the series starts.

Milena Smit as Miren Rojo does an excellent job as a woman determined to get to the truth but also one plagued by her own demons that resurface as the show goes on.

At the heart of it, The Snow Girl is a crime drama, but there are plenty of layers, decent subplots, and far more action than is usual in these types of shows.

All the threads and characters are weaved together so that the tension and the story take us on a journey to find out who took Amaya. And what a journey it is.

The Snow Girl Release Date

Written by Jesús Mesas Silva and Javier Andrés Roig with episodes directed by David Ulloa and Laura Alvea, the series completed production in December 2022.

Filmed in Malaga and Madrid in Spain, Netflix confirmed that the Spanish mystery thriller would be released on Netflix on January 27, 2023 .

The Snow Girl Cast

Milena Smit as Miren Rojo a young newspaper journalist who investigates the disappearance of a young girl.

José Coronado as Miren's journalist colleague Eduardo who helps her investigate.

Aixa Villagrán as Belén Millán the Inspector tasked with finding the Martín family's daughter Amaya.

Tristán Ulloa as David Luque

Loreto Mauleón as Ana Núñez, Amay's mother

Julián Villagrán

Raúl Prieto

Cecilia Freire


  • Solid Plot With Plenty Of Mystery
  • Well Paced Using Multiple Timelines
  • Subplots Are Weaved In Well


  • Lead Character Takes Time To Warm To
  • Possibly Too Predictable


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