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When Sonny returns home to Atlanta, he has to help pitch in and save his mother's restaurant. But when his idiot brother accidentally drops weed into the chicken fryer, and business booms, life gets much trickier for the family. A so-so comedy that could have been much better.

If you decide to watch The Trap on Netflix, do so with zero expectations. That way you won't be disappointed when it doesn't turn to be as good as it should have been. I say that because when you put T.I., Mike Epps (The Upshaws), Loretta Devine and Queen Latifah in a film you do expect a certain standard!

Unfortunately, the talent didn't materialise on screen but that doesn't mean it's all bad. In fact, if you're just looking for a movie to chill and have a laugh, The Trap ticks a lot of boxes.

Sonny (played by T.I.) is an aspiring head chef who returns home to Atlanta before taking on a big job in Las Vegas. Once back, he discovers that his mothers chicken restaurant is being run into the ground. When his mother, Loretta Devine, falls ill, Sonny decides to postpone the new job and rescue the diner.

Using all of his cheffing experience, he clears house and rustles the staff into shape. What he doesn't know is that his idiot brother Dutch, played by Mike Epps (Love Jacked), is a low-level drug dealer. He accidentally drops the weed into the fryer giving the family chicken recipe a little extra flavour. Soon the queues are around the block and all is going well until Sonny realises what has happened.

He then attempts to get out from under the drug dealer. But with Dutch constantly messing up (he really is an idiot of epic proportions), things get very tricky for the brothers. And to complicate matters even further, Sonny's girlfriend is a cop!

Overall The Trap has a few laughs and passes the time nicely. But it really could have been so much better because the premise is solid. What we end up with is a bit slapstick and over the top which is a shame.


  • Good Cast
  • Decent Amount of Comedy


  • Loses Direction
  • Over Acted In Parts
  • Very Low Budget


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  1. You have got to be kidding.
    One of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while.
    It’s true that on paper it has a decent cast, but it’s completely wasted in this movie.
    In comparison you rated 1980’s classic They Live by John Carpenter comparably saying that acting was bad.
    Well acting in The Trap is shocking, I wouldn’t even call it acting, kids at school play would have pulled off a better.


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