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Lisa and Lars are a couple whose marriage is on the rocks in The Trip. So to fix things they head off to a cabin for the weekend. The problem is that their idea of "fixing things" is to kill each other. That is until they are faced with an even bigger danger in this dark humour action movie.

All married couples have their ups and downs. The longer you're together the greater the chance of a bit of friction. However, few ever get to the place that Lisa and Lara are at in The Trip.

A Norwegian movie, The Trip is also known as I onde dager which means “For worse” – as in “For better and for worse…”. It is co-written and directed by Tommy Wirkola of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Dead Snow fame so there's plenty of fun and blood and equal measure as our couple embark on a weekend getaway to fix their marriage.

Actually, that's not strictly true. They are heading off for the weekend and both think that killing the other will fix their marriage. Lisa is played by Noomi Rapace (Close) and Aksel Hennie plays her husband Lars. This dysfunctional couple have hit a rocky patch where they basically hate each other so a trip to a cabin in the woods to reconnect is the order of the day.

They waste no time setting up elaborate plans to kill each other but before either can complete the deed they encounter three escaped prisoners that have been hiding inside the cabin. They obviously don't want to get caught and despite wanting to kill each other, neither Lisa or Lars actually want to die so it's every man for himself in a bid to survive.

The Trip is a really well made dark comedy. Think Tarantino and the Coen Brothers – you have all the blood, splatter and fighting of one with the edgy humour of the other. The style works seamlessly and both Noomi Rapace and Askel Hennie are brilliant in this violent but very funny action thriller.


  • Great Well Rounded Characters
  • Great Blend of Humour and Action


  • Could Have Been A Bit Shorter
  • Very Limited Cast


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