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The Week Of is an Adam Sandler comedy made for Netflix. It's the week leading up to Sarah and Tyler's wedding and their fathers have very different ideas about the plans. Cue the disasters, obstacles and jokes as they must put their differences aside to give their children their big day. 

The Week Of is a Netflix comedy starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rachel Dratch and Steve Buscemi. It's the week leading up to the wedding of Sarah and Tyler and nothing is going right with the plans. Sandler plays Kenny, Sarah's Dad and he just wants the best for his daughter's wedding. Unfortunately, he can't afford the big wedding she deserves. Chris Rock plays Kirby, Tyler's dad and he is loaded but isn't allowed to contribute so has to endure Kenny's budget plans.

Like any Adam Sandler movie, there is an element of slapstick comedy. Prior to this he also released The Ridiculous Six on Netflix (read the review here) and while the premises are different it's the same type of comedy. So you either like it or you don't. It has been panned by the critics and has only one star on Rotten Tomatoes but for all its faults, I actually didn't think it was too bad.

I quite liked Sandler's character. He plays a nice guy who loves his family, is incredibly welcoming and is an all-round good person. He is a solid Dad who puts his kids first and just wants the absolute best for his daughter. Chris Rock (Death At A Funeral) does well as an entitled surgeon with more time for his job than his kids and there are some real heartfelt moments sprinkled throughout the movie.

Is it a bit ham-fisted at times? Of course it is. It's an Adam Sandler film. Some of the movie's plots border on the ridiculous but that's what makes it a bit funny. The biggest problem is that it is too long. At nearly two hours, the jokes do get repetitive. In post-production they could easily have cut half an hour from the film and it would have been better. Let's be honest here, there are only so many hotel room disasters that one film can take.

Sandler does seem to be on auto-pilot just knocking out movies to satisfy his Netflix deal and his pairing with Chris Rock should have been comedy gold. In this case, it's not but neither is it the worst comedy in the world. It's easy watching and a laugh if that's what you're after.


  • Some Good Laughs
  • Good Cast


  • Too Long
  • Repetitive Jokes


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