The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

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Martin Scorsese holds nothing back in this wild and outrageously funny tale of extreme excess. Strap yourself in for three hours of non-stop craziness, but be warned everything bad about the morality of greed is exposed in a shameless way.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the cinematic masterpiece based on the biographical book of the same name written by Jordan Belfort.

Born in the Bronx New York, and wildly ambitious, his early career started as a door to door meat and fish salesman. But when that failed he got a place as a trainee stockbroker at L.F.Rothschild.

Seemingly feeding his ambition even further. After setting up his own firm his greed led to corrupt pump and dump stock sales. Years of wild excess soaked in drugs and wild sex driven parties finished with Belfort being convicted for fraud and money laundering.

This film is a real statement from Director Martin Scorsese, easily his best film since Goodfellas.

Scorsese is one of the most respected directors in the history of cinema. He has been behind classic films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Casino.

But with The Wolf of Wall Street, he uses all of his powers to great effect. The film had 171 nominations for awards right across the board, with 38 wins giving the recognition that it deserved.

Scorsese gets the very best from the whole cast who all give energised performances. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort, giving possibly the best performance of his career. His scene high on Quaaludes attempting to get into a Lamborghini Countach is simply amazing.

Jonah Hill gives a wild performance as Belfort's partner. Matthew McConaughey has a relatively small part but produces one of the most memorable scenes in the film. Margot Robbie is fantastic, playing Belfort's wife making her one of Hollywood's hottest properties today.

It has to be said that this is a film that you will either love or hate. There are those who will tear it apart, for glorifying everything that is wrong in society. Yes, this film does cross lots of moral boundaries, but it is a clear reflection of the perversion of greed. Be warned there are excessive scenes of sex, drug taking and heaps of bad language.

All in all, this is a film that blasts along at an epic pace for three hours of amazing entertainment. It does come with a rating of 18, so you do know what you are getting. Take this film for what it is and you will be experiencing a real master class of movie making.


  • Outrageously Funny
  • Martin Scorsese at his best
  • Amazing Cast


  • Excessive Sex and Drug Scenes


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