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If you remember the heady days of Pop when Boyz II Men battled with the Backstreet Boys for your fandom, then This Is Pop will be a real treat. Covering a tonne of topics, it is both very entertaining and informative.

Music documentaries are incredibly popular but often focus on just one artist or performer. Here, with This Is Pop, we go on a journey through the history of pop music and all the influences and changes it has ensured over the years. With just eight episodes, each focuses on a specific time or element of the industry. From the rollercoaster career of Boyz II Men, to the little known but huge influence of Sweden on pop, and no it's not just ABBA, what we get is a well rounded and very interesting series.

Like all serialised documentaries, some episodes are more interesting than others. However, as each is filmed a stand-alone, you can really pick and choose which ones pique your interest the most. Despite a running time of just 45 minutes each, a lot of stuff is covered to give you a bit more depth than expected. And better still, it is jam-packed with interviews and artists from some of the biggest bands in the world.

From the emergence of Britney Spears to the battle of the bands in Brit Pop, from the history of music festivals to the cross over from Country music to Pop, almost all topics are covered. Even autotune has its own episode. Basically, if you liked Song Exploder, then you could very well get lost in the history of pop in This Is Pop. That said, this really has a specific audience. If you were a teen in the 90's you'll have a greater appreciation for most of the bands that are featured and interviewed.

However, this is more than just a rattling off of the big pop hitters. At times you can't help but be moved by how fickle this industry is. From sell-out arena tours and record-breaking hits to near oblivion in a matter of months, many of the singers interviewed have had to endure pretty tough times. Personally, I found This Is Pop really interesting and had no idea that most of the bands and singers I loved in the 90s were sent to Sweden to have their biggest hits written, recorded and produced. It really is fascinating stuff. Well worth a watch for music lovers.


  • Solid Range Of Topics
  • A Lot Of Interviews
  • More In Depth Than Expected


  • Didn't Go Much Beyond The 90s
  • No Real Revelations
  • Some Episodes Hit And Miss


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