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When a group of students goes looking for their professor they find themselves stranded in a cave with a Time Trap. Time moves so slowly that decades are passing above ground in this sci-fi fantasy movie that is unexpectantly enjoyable to watch.

A surprisingly good film, Time Trap follows five young students who set off to find their missing archaeology professor. From the outset, it bucks the trend of being completely cliche which makes it far more engaging than expected. Professor Hopper is in search of a family that went missing back in the 1970s. Discovering their abandoned vehicle, he finds his first clues about how they disappeared.

However, when he himself doesn't return after a few days, two of his students along with some friends, decide to track him down and bring him home. Things take a turn for the worst when they find themselves stranded in a huge cave with seemingly no way of getting out. Ropes they used to get into it have been cut and they've lost contact with the only person who stayed above ground.

Things get even weirder when one of them does manage to get out only to find the surrounding landscape has changed beyond all recognition. It's then they discover that they are literally in a time trap. Every second below is the equivalent of days, if not weeks passing in the real world. So an hour in the cave may even be years whizzing by. Kind of like Timeless.

Still believing that Hopper is in the cave, they soon discover that they are not alone. But can they escape or will they so much time pass that even if they do get out, humanity will be lost forever?

Time Trap is a clever film that has a few twists and surprises. Written and directed by Mark Dennis, the script, in particular, is sharp and witty and blends the humour and drama very well. Despite not having an overly familiar cast, the acting is solid, and overall Time Trap is a really enjoyable movie to watch. Think time travel (ish) with heavy doses of sci-fi and fantasy.


  • Surprisingly Good
  • Clever Plot and Twists
  • Very Enjoyable


  • Lower Budget Is A Bit Obvious


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  1. This sounds right up my time travel alley. Added. Thanks!


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