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Take two time travel machines, one man who needs to change past events and a team who must follow him through time to stop him. Throw in plenty of history, an ideological but faceless organisation of bad guys, plenty of drama and action and you have Timeless.

Timeless is the time travelling show that first aired on NBC in the US. The show has wrapped up fully there after two seasons, both of which are available on Netflix. They did add a two hour special to tie everything up in a nice bow but so far it's not available online. Fingers crossed it will get added soon!

So what is Timeless all about? In a nutshell, Lucy Preston is a history professor who is asked to take part in a very secretive job. That job is to accompany Wyatt Logan (a soldier) and Rufus Carlin (an engineer) on time travelling missions. A company called Mason Industries has cracked the code to time travel and has created two time machines. The first has been stolen by Garcia Flynn who is heading back to 1937 for the Hindenburg disaster so the team must use the back-up to follow and stop him from changing history.

And that's ultimately the premise of the show. Each episode focuses on a different time, place and major historical event. So we get to see them travel to 1865 and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, 1934 with Bonnie and Clyde, 1836 to the Alamo – you get the idea. Which begs the question, why would Flynn, played by Goran Višnjić, want to change history? Well, that's sort of complicated. The real bad guys in Timeless are a faceless organisation called Rittenhouse. If they can alter history the can create a present day in which they rule the world from behind the scenes.

Flynn's family were murdered by Rittenhouse and he is now trying to go back in time and change history so that they are never killed. However, you cannot travel to a time or place in which you already existed. That means he can't just hop back a few years and stop it. So instead he must go through time trying to change events that would have led to the death of his family.

How does Flynn know all of this? Because Lucy came to him from the future with a notebook full of helpful hints and tips on how to do it. Except the future hasn't happened yet so Lucy, played by Abigail Spencer, doesn't believe him. Hence the chasing him through time.

Yes, I know it all sounds very far fetched but actually it's an excellent show. The characters are well rounded and develop as the series progresses. There is plenty of drama, twists and turns and the historical element of it is really great. It's like Travelers but more suitable for families. A solid watch that will keep you entertained and engaged.


  • Great Character Chemistry
  • Engaging
  • Has Plenty Of Plot Twists


  • Only Two Seasons
  • Storylines Could Have Been Paced Faster


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