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With future humanity on the brink of extinction, time Travelers have come back to the 21st century in a desperate bid to change the events that will ultimately cause destruction hundreds of years from now. If Fringe, Continuum or Person Of Interest floated your boat then this will too.  

A Netflix Original, Travelers is a tv series created by Brad Wright who also created Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe so the guy definitely knows his Sci-Fi!

Travelers is set hundreds of years into a post-apocalyptic future. There, surviving humans discover that humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Hoping to change their reality and stop the apocalypse the Traveler Program is created.

Special operatives are then tasked with travelling back in time to the 21st century to prevent the collapse of society.

The twist is that it is their consciousnesses that are sent back and transferred into the host body of present-day individuals who would otherwise be moments from death.

This means that they have to both carry out their primary mission while simultaneously continuing on with their host's life.

That isn't actually as confusing as it sounds once you've watched the first episode!

What Is Travelers About?

Travelers focuses on one particular team of five travelers. They are led by FBI agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack) and include Marcy Warton (Mackenzie Porter), Trevor Holden (Jared Abrahamson), Carly Shannon (Nesta Cooper, Reality High), and Philip Pearson (Reilly Dolman).

The experienced team attempts to carry out are dictated by the Director. That is artificial intelligence in the future that monitors the timeline and who communicates with the Travelers via children used as messengers.

That is because, unlike adults, any child can safely be taken over for a few minutes and then released from control.

Based out of a safe house protected by the FBI, the team learns that there are protocols and rules that must be followed.

But despite this, the presence of Maclaren's team and their actions cause unexpected consequences that play out over the three seasons.

So what happens when a traveler with a mission vital to humanity's survival arrives in the body of a just-captured serial killer? Or one of the ket members of your team suffers a fatal brain disorder?

What if they have to face The Faction, which wants to see the team erased and the traveler program version one destroyed?

Can the Travelers prevent catastrophic events in the present day from causing a horrific future for humankind? Or will the grand plan crash and burn?

Travelers Official Trailer

Is Travelers Worth Watching?

If you're into great science fiction television series or the whole time travel thing then Travelers will suit you perfectly.

It is a very clever show that as well as being very entertaining, genuinely looks at how present day humanity is slowly impacting on any sort of quality of life for generations well into the future.

Each episode has its own storyline as well as a continuing arc over the season, so it will definitely keep you coming back for more.

The sci fi series has plenty of drama, twists and turns and it always keep you on your toes.

The first season of Travelers received a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and the second season was just as well received.

Travelers season three was a little more rushed and with only 10 episodes instead of the usual 12, a lot was crammed in which made it feel a bit frantic, but still engaging and watchable.

And if you're all caught up but like the genre, then take a look at Altered Carbon – a grittier sci-fi show that has a huge following.

Will There Be A Season 4 Of Travelers?

Unfortunately, because it is a great show, there will not be a fourth season of Travelers.

The sci fi series was originally aired on Showcase in the US but when they cancelled it after two seasons, Netflix picked it up and made a third.

Giving no actual reasons for the cancellation, the announcement was made by Eric McCormack on a social media video.

The show's creator, Brad Wright also confirmed the decision on Twitter writing: “Well, all good things…

“A lot of you have been asking about the possibility of a season four, but many of you have been saying, ‘look, if this is it, what a moving and surprising and profound ending it is.'

“Well, I’m afraid it is. Who knows what the future holds, but Travelers Program 1, as we call it, is complete.”

Cast Of Travelers Netflix

In order to create a show about a time traveler program, you have to have a great cast to bring it to life.

When surviving humans discover the world is on the brink of destruction it has to be believable which is why the following actors are so good in Travelers

Eric McCormack as Grant MacLaren (Traveler 3468), the team's leader

MacKenzie Porter as Marcy Warton (Traveler 3569), the team's medic, who assumes the life of an intellectually disabled woman

Nesta Cooper (#RealityHigh) as Carly Shannon (Traveler 3465), the team's tactician, who assumes the life of a stay-at-home single mother

Jared Abrahamson as Trevor Holden (Traveler 0115), the team's engineer and one of the oldest humans ever, who assumes the life of a high school athlete

Reilly Dolman as Philip Pearson (Traveler 3326), the team's historian, who assumes the life of a college-aged heroin addict but must take care of the travelers archives

Patrick Gilmore as David Mailer, Marcy's social worker

J. Alex Brinson as Jeff Conniker, Carly's abusive police officer ex-boyfriend and the father of her son

Leah Cairns as Kathryn “Kat” MacLaren, Grant's wife

Enrico Colantoni as Vincent Ingram, the first traveler (Traveler 001) whose host was supposed to die on September 11, 2001

Arnold Pinnock as Walt Forbes, MacLaren's partner at the FBI who is taken over by a new traveler

Jennifer Spence as Grace Day, Trevor's high school counselor

Ian Tracey as Ray Green, Philip's lawyer and later friend, a compulsive gambler

Louis Ferreira as Rick Hall, a jaded traveler team leader, central to the plot when MacLaren has to extract a location from a critically injured Hall

Kimberley Sustad as Joanne Yates, MacLaren's new FBI partner


  • Solid Concept For A Show
  • Bingeable
  • Great Acting


  • Dragged Out Storyline
  • Third Season A Little Confusing


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