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Most would class Andy King as a failure in everyday life, however, it turns out he is a pretty cool Uncle. His nephew, Errol struggles socially and as the series go on, the pair builds an unpredictable friendship. 

Andy King (Nick Helm) is the among other things an under ambitious procrastinator. But he has one quality which separates him from the rest of his family. It turns out that the unemployed ‘musician' is actually a pretty cool uncle. His nephew, Errol (Elliot Speller-Gilot) may think otherwise. However, once they establish a relationship they enjoy each others company more than anyone else.

The pair hardly knew one another but when Andy's sister, Sammy, called him up looking desperately for a babysitter. He couldn't resist his duties as an uncle any longer. We know Andy struggles with conformity meanwhile his nephew appears to suffer from a list of disorders which Andy takes enjoyment in testing. Amongst the drinking, bong hits and a broken heart, Andy King is a decent musician. The issue with this is that he expects his talent to be discovered whilst he sits on his couch.

At least once an episode the cast will break out into song, but don't worry, it ain't no Mamma Mia. The songs usually reflect Andy's emotion in the episode and along with a catchy tune, there are some funny lyrics. It could happen at any point so prepare yourself for random performances. Most characters in the show are pretty tough on the delicate Uncle. But by the end of the series, tough love is clearly what the man needed. Uncle is a show built on the foundation of failure, fortunately, Andy's mishaps are all for our entertainment. All three seasons are available on Netflix now and it is perfect for some light-watching. A warning though, binge-watching Uncle is at a high risk.

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