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Unexplained deaths, UFO sightings, and disappearances are the focus of Unsolved Mysteries, a documentary-style show that details the accounts of cases that have baffled investigators across the globe.

A reboot of the original series from the 1980s, season 1 of Unsolved Mysteries explores puzzling cases of unexplained deaths and disappearances that have baffled investigators for more than three decades.

Those old enough will remember the show that ran from 1987 to 2000 when it was hosted by Robert Stack.

Some changes have been made, namely that there isn't a host or narrator in this version.

Instead, this documentary-style show pieces together the timeline of each case from interviews with those closest to it. And it is fascinating.

What Is Unsolved Mysteries About?

Ray Rivera

The first episode focuses on the untimely and strange death of Rey Rivera.

A happy, outgoing and married young man, Rey and his wife Allison moved to Baltimore to accept a job offer from Rey's friend Porter Stansberry. One evening, after receiving a phone call, Rey ran out of the house and went missing.

Weeks later Rey's body is found in an unused room of a hotel having apparently come through the ceiling. The theory is that he fell, but absolutely nobody can figure out how.

The mystery deepened. Rey's friend Stansberry lawyered up, made all of the employees sign a gag order, and refused to speak to the police. And he was his best friend!

13 Minutes

The next episode of Unsolved Mysteries is called ‘13 Minutes‘. It follows the disappearance and subsequent murder of Patrice Endres.

She was a local hairdresser who simply vanished from her salon over a period of 13 unaccounted-for minutes. Her body was recovered but with little or no evidence, investigators have no idea who killed her.

Xavier DuPont De Ligonnes

Episode three is as horrifying as it is mind-blowing. Taking place in Nantes, France, a seemingly perfect family are all murdered, except for the father.

Xavier DuPont De Ligonnes is alleged to have killed his four children, his wife and two dogs, buried them under the house and walked away, never to be seen again.

Investigators even have footage of him actually walking away, into the mountains. They searched high and low but the general theory is that DuPont escaped arrest and is hiding somewhere in the world. If anybody can find him, Netflix viewers can!

The three remaining cases involve Alonzo Brooks who disappeared from a party in Kansas, an alleged UFO sighting in Massachusetts and the disappearance of a young woman who believed her mother had murdered her stepfather.

Official Unsolved Mysteries Trailer

Is Unsolved Mysteries Worth Watching?

Unsolved Mysteries is a really good watch with great stories, even if at times it is incredibly upsetting.

While in most cases the bodies of the missing were recovered it is the unknowns of the tragic events that continue to torment the family members and friends.

Netflix viewers have their own theories about these bizarre occurrences. My guess is that those watching the show will potentially be able to provide some tips to help solve some of them.

In fact, due to the renewed interest, the Chicago Sun Times has stated that credible tips have already come in regarding the whereabouts of Xavier DuPont.

But like all shows, there are some downsides which in the case of Unsolved Mysteries, is the ‘unsolved' part.

That may seem strange given the title of the show but watching story after story with no resolution becomes frustrating, especially when the families are so desperate for answers.

It would be good to see some follow-ups, maybe a year or so after the shows air, to let viewers know if any of the cases ever progressed.

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2

In October 2020, the second season of Unsolved Mysteries dropped on Netflix with an additional six baffling cases.

First up was the unsolved mystery of the death of John P. Wheeler III. Known as Jack Wheeler, he was a former White House aide who died under mysterious circumstances in 2010.

That is followed by the case of a death in Oslo. Basically, a woman checks into a hotel and dies from a gunshot and yet absolutely nobody knows who she is.

No ID, no labels on her clothes, no fingerprint matches. Nothing. To this day she is completely anonymous.

Other cases involve hundreds of people who claim to have seen Tsunami spirits of the dead following the tsunami that devasted Japan in March 2011, a killer who escaped prison in 1973 and two toddlers who vanished from the same park in 1989.

Is There A Season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries?

The good news for fans of the show is that yes, there are more unexplained disappearances and cases on the way.

The third volume of this hugely popular show will be aired on Netflix on October 18th 2022.

The Unsolved Mysteries team have six new episodes in the new season.

The show was created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer, and for the Netflix reboot, they work alongside 21 Laps Entertainment, the producers of Stranger Things.

The new season will take another deep dive into more unexplained deaths, bizarre paranormal activity and baffling disappearances.


  • Excellent Range Of Cases Covered
  • Very Thorough Accounts


  • A Lot Of Tragedy
  • Would Be Nice To Have Some Resolution


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