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Two Hip Hop icons with stories which earned them the status of the best rappers of all time. Both shot dead, both cases unsolved. Can two detectives solve the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Cristopher Wallace years after the murders took place?

Biggie & Tupac, the most notorious relationship in the music business. Both of them have remarkable stories, many of which were their key to their success as the two most influential artists of their generation. This series is something a bit new and it is quickly growing in popularity.

If you have seen Straight Out Of Compton and CSI, it is a mash-up between the two. An episode skips between two-time frames. One of which is a pair of detectives investigating the unsolved murder in modern time. The other half of the show will loop back to the 90’s, which is how we get introduced ‘Pac & Big.’ If you’re familiar with the two Hip Hop icons, you know that they were once good buddies. They share identical upbringings and even in their twenties, despite both growing up on welfare, they both have glamours lifestyles. Their unlikely rivalry towards the end of their lives affects not only themselves but about everything else in the rap industry.

It proves to be an impossible task for the two detectives who are trying to pull the pieces together years after the shooting. Made even more difficult by any leads or witnesses refusing to give any qualitative information to the authorities. Any suspects the pair may think they have are all lawyered up and refuse to talk. To add to the drama, one of the detectives suspects there has been a police cover-up. Corruption in the department will prevent progress in the case, which will lead one officer to go rogue.

The series Unsolved captures the characters perfectly and follows factual events in Tupac’s and Big’s lives. If crime, music or drama is your thing, you’ve gotta give this a go. And when you're done watching then head to All Eyez On Me which also follows Tupac's life and is a real gem.


  • Icons As Main Characters
  • Detailed Criminal Explanations
  • Hip Hop Orientated


  • Time Loop At Times Confusing


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