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When nurse Mel ups and moves to a remote town called Virgin River what she doesn't expect is a run-down cabin and a doctor who doesn't want her around - but that's exactly what she gets in this sweet drama.

Virgin River is a popular drama series on Netflix, based on the book series of the same name by Robyn Carr.

Fusing elements of romance, medical drama, and small-town intrigue, the series has garnered a loyal fanbase since its 2019 debut.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of a remote Northern California town, Virgin River is an intimate exploration of human relationships, second chances, and the complexities of everyday life.

A soothing antidote to the high-octane nature of many contemporary TV dramas, the series captivates its audience with characters that are as relatable as they are charming.

What Is Virgin River About?

Virgin River tells the tale of Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) who trades in her LA life to move to a remote town called Virgin River. A nurse practitioner, it's clear from the get-go that Mel, while not exactly running away from her demons, is certainly looking for a new life.

Haunted by her tragic past, Mel seeks a fresh start but soon realises that small-town life is far more complicated than she initially imagined. She is hired by Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson), the gruff and ageing town physician, and befriends Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), a local owner of Jack's Bar and former Marine.

Together, they navigate both personal and professional challenges as they become entangled in the lives of the town's residents.

The narrative weaves in multiple plotlines and characters, giving viewers an intimate look at the trials and tribulations of life in Virgin River.

From heartwarming romances to gut-wrenching betrayals, the show does an excellent job of maintaining a narrative arc that is engaging yet true to life. In between medical emergencies and interpersonal conflicts, Virgin River never fails to remind us of the beauty and complexity of human connection.

As the series progresses, Mel and Jack's relationship takes centre stage. Their chemistry is undeniable, but both carry emotional baggage that threatens to pull them apart.

The town of Virgin River itself serves as an ever-changing backdrop to their romance, with its quirky residents and hidden secrets.

A compelling mix of drama and romance, Virgin River offers a compelling and emotional story that continues to captivate viewers season after season.

Virgin River Season 1 Official Trailer

Is Virgin River Worth Watching?

It's easy to think that Virgin River is just another fluffy drama but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the show.

If I had to compare it, I would liken it to a more serious Hart Of Dixie or a less contrived and more modern When Calls The Heart. All three shows feature a female lead moving to a small town and having to fit in, often when they are not wanted.

What makes Virgin River stand out a bit more is its well-crafted characters, each with unique personalities and backstories that enrich the overall narrative.

The picturesque setting of the show adds a visual allure that complements the emotional depth of the storylines. And the series handles its emotional beats with an authenticity that resonates with viewers. That makes it very easy to invest in the characters and their journeys.

It's peppered with plenty of fun events that usually accompany small-town dramas. So expect to see things like the lumberjack games or the Renaissance Fair alongside holiday episodes that bring sweetness to the show.

Virgin River is very much a quiet drama that relies on solid acting and a meaty script. What you end up with is an engaging story about one woman's struggles to pick up the pieces of a broken life.

How Many Seasons Of Virgin River?

To date, there are five seasons of Virgin River available on Netflix.

In the first season, we meet Mel who moves to Virgin River and starts working with Doc Mullins. She meets Jack and sparks fly, but her past and Jack's own issues make things complicated.

As we move into Virgin River season 2, Mel and Jack's relationship deepens. However, they face new challenges including unexpected pregnancies and complicated love triangles.

After the shock of the season two finale, the characters grapple with more complex issues like loss, betrayal, and life-changing decisions in season 3. And all while navigating the intricate dynamics of their tight-knit community.

By season 4 Jack and Mel are still together preparing for the baby, with Jack not wanting to know who the father is and not telling anyone the news yet.

And that brings us up to season 5 which picks up immediately after the end of season 4. Mel talks to Doc about keeping new doctor Cameron on staff so she can take time off to focus on her high risk pregnancy.

Is Virgin River Based On A Series Of Books?

Yes, Virgin River is based on a book series of the same name written by author Robyn Carr. The series consists of over 20 books, each primarily focusing on romance but also delving into the complexities of life in the small community of Virgin River.

The show, while inspired by the books, takes some liberties with the source material to adapt it for television.

This means that although the core characters and central themes remain the same, there are plot elements in the show that differ from the books

Will There Be Another Season?

The good news is that there are still more episodes to come including part two of season 5 which will drop later in 2023.

We can also confirm that Virgin River season 6 has been confirmed. The announcement was made in May 2023.

Are There Any Cast Changes In The Show?

As with many long-running TV shows, Virgin River has seen some shifts in its cast over its run.

However, the core characters like Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan have remained consistent. Some supporting characters have come and gone or seen varying levels of focus across different seasons.

This is usually due to the natural progression of the storyline, though sometimes it's because of external factors like scheduling conflicts or other commitments from the actors.

Virgin River Netflix Cast

Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner and midwife who moves to Virgin River from Los Angeles following her husband's death

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, a local bar owner who becomes Mel's love interest

Colin Lawrence as Preacher Middleton, a close Marine friend of Jack, who works at Jack's Bar

Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, the woman with the longest pregnancy in the history of the world

Annette O'Toole as Hope McCrea, the town mayor and Doc's wife

Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins, the local physician

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady, a fellow younger veteran who served in the Marines with Jack

Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky, a young man who wants to join the Marines when he graduates from high school

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Connie's troublemaking niece

Zibby Allen as Jack's sister Brie

Kandyse McClure as Kaia Bryant a firefighter


  • Real Depth To The Story
  • Very Well Acted
  • Addictively Engaging


  • Features The Longest Pregnancy In The History Of Time
  • Certain Storylines Drag Out
  • Completely Implausible Timelines



  1. The only virgin in this series is the river….

  2. The best Net Flix serie ever..I hope so much for season nr.5 ..WriterSue Tennant very Good..The actres the best… Virgin River so GOOD…waiting for following up…

  3. I love the show, but 4 season’s is more like 4 years. Who is pregnant for that long! Is Mel going to be pregnant that long too? That means 3 more seasons. I guess I may not live long enough to see that happen. Could you please speed things up.

  4. Screams Hallmark! There are a few intriguing characters, but IMO, the main characters aren’t them. Not a fan of Mel or Jack (although he’s easy on the eyes). And Hope is TOO Hope. Over the top with her sarcasm, defiance, etc. Dragging the Preacher/Paige/Christoper storyline out too much. I think it might have settled on my better if I hadn’t recently watched The Heart of Dixie. Much too similar to be considered fresh.

  5. I like it but it just reminds me too much of Hart of Dixie, also starred Tim Matheson as a doctor.

  6. Trite. Belongs on Hallmark. Not for me or you either.

  7. Excellent acting.
    Would like a hunk doc to come in, want more than jack, someone Mel can get close.

  8. belongs on The Hallmark Channel

  9. This show has so much potential if they can find someone that can act.
    the acting is atrocious


  11. Annette o’Toole’s character almost makes this unwatchable. So obnoxious. I guess this shows what a good actress she is because I don’t think she is an obnoxious person! I’m trying to keep pressing on to see season one to the end.

  12. Trite and mediocre. Hackneyed plot lines, unbelievable situations.

  13. Meh. An evening soap opera without any believable characters or situations.

    • What Paul said…but worse…


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