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Meeting during the Wedding Season, Stefan and Katie soon find themselves on the run, accused of murdering eight people. A Disney+ comedy crime romp with far too many issues to actually be funny.

Not to be confused with the Netflix movie Wedding Season, Wedding Season on Disney+ is a series that follows the chaotic relationship between Katie and Stefan.

Created by Oliver Lyttelton, it is a Disney+ original billed as an action-packed romp, but what is it about, and is it any good?

What Is Wedding Season On Disney+ About?

With a very dramatic opening scene, we met Stefan as he rushes to try and stop Katie's wedding to Hugo Delaney.

But this is not your typical rom-com and Katie quickly tells him to get lost and leave her alone.

Before we know it, Stefan is sitting in a police interview room trying to convince the two detectives that he did not kill Hugo Delaney and seven other members of his family at Katie's wedding.

As for Katie, she's missing, presumably on the run and along with Stefan is the main suspect in murdering eight people.

Wedding Season then jumps back and forth over the previous few months telling the story of how they met through various weddings and how they ended up in this situation.

Stefan's problem is that Katie is not who she pretends to be. So why is she marrying Hugo Delaney and did they actually murder the wedding guests?

Find out as the two of them dodge the police and try to prove their innocence.

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Is Wedding Season On Disney+ Any Good?

Despite its best attempts at creating a light-hearted crime romp, Wedding Season fails in a lot of areas.

Firstly Stefan (Gavin Drea) is frustratingly dim. We are talking extreme naivety. His judgement is so appallingly bad that it's hard to even watch his character on screen.

This is a guy so desperate to meet the love of his life that he will literally ditch his friends, do a runner from police custody and abandon his best friend on his stag night to go to Vegas.

Oh, and of course go on the run with a woman he BARELY knows just because he thinks she could be ‘the one'. It's sad in a really pathetic way.

For her part, Katie (Rosa Salazar) isn't particularly warm or charming. In fact, it's hard to see what Stefan sees in her especially as there is a severe lack of on-screen chemistry between the two leads.

The overall plot could have been executed so much better, but instead, we are treated to dim and dimmer, the two lead detectives who do nothing to instil confidence in the British police.

But enough of what went wrong with Wedding Season, is there anything good about it? Yes, two things.

Firstly, Stefan's group of friends are the best thing about this show. Funny, witty and entertaining, their banter is what kept me watching long after I should have turned it off.

Secondly, the ‘did-they-or-didn't-they' kill Katie's new husband and his entire family at the wedding reception keeps you relatively engaged. You do want to know who Katie really is and why this whole mess unfolded.

It's just a shame you have to wade through a mire of rubbish to get the answers you want.

Wedding Season Cast

Wedding Season is directed by George Kane. The series is created and written by Oliver Lyttelton, alongside executive producers Chris Carey, Laurence Bowen, Toby Bruce, Brooke Posch, Lilly Burns, Tony Hernandez and Johanna Devereaux for Disney+ and Dancing Ledge Productions.

But even with that level of talent behind the scenes, you still need a cast to carry it all off. For Wedding Season they are…

Rosa Salazar as Katie, a young woman on the run and suspected of killing her new husband's family.

Gavin Drea as Stefan, who comes under suspicion when a family are murdered at his friend's wedding.

George Webster as Hugo Delaney, Katie's new husband

Jade Harrison as DCI Metts, detective investigating the murders

Jamie Michie as DI Donahue, Metts police partner

Callie Cooke as Leila

Bhav Joshi as Anil, Stefan's best friends

Ioanna Kimbook as Suji

Omar Baroud as Jackson

Ivan Kaye as Mr. Delaney, Hugo's father

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  • The 'Friends' Are Very Funny
  • Whodunnit Is Engaging


  • Lead Character Stefan Is A Complete Fool
  • Plot Is Too Far Fetched
  • Every Wedding Is A Sad Cliche
  • No Real On Screen Chemistry


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