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What We Do In The Shadows

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Ever wondered what the sociological environment of Vampires is like? What they get up to in their spare time? Well now we do and it is hilarious! This brilliant horror-comedy from New-Zealand is one of the funniest films ever made.

What We Do In The Shadows takes us into the lives of three vampires, house-sharing in Wellington NZ. An incredibly funny creation from the same team that brought us Flight of the Concords and Eagle V Shark. Writers Taika Waititi and Jermain Clement, seem to constantly surprise their audience with outlandishly funny scripts. In recent years the team has built a global cult following. This film follows a short that they made in 2005 titled What We Do In The Shadows: Interviews with some Vampires.

Waititi and Clement, star and direct the film too which is shot in the style of a documentary. All of the camera work is handheld, creating an authentic documentary feel. The script is pure comedic genius, take note of every line as the jokes are relentless. The audience gets to tag along on wild nights out with the vampires. Experiencing what it would be like nightclubbing with a group of ancient vampires. Or observe the trivialities of who does the dishes and how this causes friction in their lives too.

Those familiar with Flight of the Concords will recognise most of the cast. These guys have worked together many times before and the way they bounce off each other is just incredible. Jermaine Clement plays Vladislav an 862-year-old vampire who is full of himself. Jonathan Brugh plays the young one of the group who is just 183 years old. He loves erotic dancing. Taika Waititi plays Viago who is the self-appointed leader of the house and super camp. The rest of the cast give brilliant performances. Rhys Darby makes an appearance too as the head of a local werewolf gang.

It has to be said, New Zealanders have a unique style of comedy that can take a bit of getting used to. However, I would find it hard for anyone to not find this film hilariously funny. Yes, the storyline may well be weak. But that is not the point here, this is just unrelenting fun from start to finish.

One of the major requests from fans was when is there going to be a remake or a TV series. My biggest fear was that another team would make a version nowhere near as funny.

Well thankfully, Waititi (Boy) and Clement are back together as writers/executive producers, bringing us What We do in the Shadows the TV show. The cast is led by a group of great British Comedy actors and set in New York. With two seasons now available, a third is due out in late 2021. For more shows like What We Do In The Shadows, check out our list here.

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  • Bloody Funny
  • Excellent Script
  • Brilliant Cast


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  1. I love this film! Got some absolute classic gags in there. Love them arguing and then getting into a hissing contest. Require viewing!


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