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When Calls The Heart

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It's 1910 and Elizabeth Thatcher has arrived in the frontier town of Coal Valley, six months after a devastating mining accident. As she embarks on her new life she must live a life that is simple but often fraught with challenges in this very popular and sweet Hallmark show.

Like so many other Hallmark tv shows, When Calls The Heart exudes goodness. Everything about it is picture perfect. Think Good Witch but set in the early 1900's. Instantly this will either be something you absolutely love or will swerve completely. I happen to really like it. It's easy to watch, doesn't tax the brain, has pretty decent storylines and over all passes the time nicely.

When Calls The Heart starts with Elizabeth Thatcher arriving in a very small mining town called Coal Valley. Her arrival is just six months after a devastating mining accident that killed 47 of the town's men. From a very wealthy family, Elizabeth must soon comes to grips with the harsh realities of living in a struggling frontier town.

Befriending the local townspeople, Elizabeth goes about setting up the school but soon meets Constable Jack Thornton. While these two clash initially it doesn't take a genius to work out that this is the main love story in the making. SPOILER ALERT: It takes many, many seasons for them to FINALLY get together.

The seasons are mapped out with one overriding storyline per season. Within each season are mini storylines that last an episode or two so there is always something going on in Coal Valley. The town even gets a name change to Hope Valley. As the show progresses, the town becomes more prosperous and life generally improves for everyone.

There is a vast range of characters in this show. It definitely keeps things interesting though some seem to disappear without a trace and are never mentioned again. As a result, it can sometimes feel disjointed. No sooner has somebody fallen in love then they're off to a town far far away. This leaves a lot of the female characters lingering at home, wistfully staring off into space as they wait for their love to return.

Despite the fact that it is set in 1910, absolutely everybody is immaculately dressed and presented. There isn't a hair out of place, make-up is perfect and everybody is dressed pristinely. But, it is Hallmark!

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When Calls The Heart is strangely compulsive. And the fans are quite a formidable bunch leading the cast and director to have a sit down on Facebook live to discuss the ending for Season 5. No spoilers but a MAJOR character gets the chop. This did not make the ‘Hearties' happy!

There's lots of compassion, understanding, redemption and faith in God in this show. There's more cheese than a fondue but it is what it is…


  • Lots Of Changing Storylines
  • Good Mix Of Characters


  • Lots Of Characters Simply Leave
  • Can Be Overly Sweet - A Lot!


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