When We First Met

When We First Met

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Noah is infatuated with Avery but sadly ends up stuck in the friends basket. Now given the chance to try and rewrite history, and change the course of his true love, can Noah win Avery over? An easy watching romcom.

When We First Met sees life through the eyes of Noah (Adam Devine) and his infatuation with Avery. Which unfortunately ends up with him being stuck on the friend’s bench.

The film follows Noah reliving that first meeting between the two when he falls head over heels with the sweet Avery at a fancy dress Halloween party. The evening involves cute conversation in a piano bar and endearing photos in a booth. And the ultimate shared affection back at Avery’s (Alexandra Daddario from Can You Keep A Secret) apartment.

Affection in the form of a hug is not what Noah had in mind. Noah’s disappointment at his failed attempt at romance entwined with Avery’s sheer delight at making a new male buddy, makes us commiserate with him. Especially as we have already met the easy-on-the-eyes Ethan.

Fast forward three years and Noah finds himself drinking the bar dry at Avery’s engagement party to the gorgeous Ethan. He is played by Robbie Amell from The Babysitter and Upload. Of course it doesn’t end well for poor Noah. He soon pays the price the next day for his drinking-to-forget marathon.

Next up comes Noah’s chance to try and rewrite history and change the course of his true love for Avery. From being a completely detached muppet, to the perfect white-collar worker trying to make something of his life, the guy is trying. Sadly, neither plan works.

When We First Met is a rom-com with some chuckles along the way. Like when Avery and her friend, Carrie (Shelley Hennig) turn into wicked witches. Then their wrath is taken out on Noah in a seemingly violent way following his attempt to woo her. The movie has a few twists and turns with a nice mix of romance and comedy. And although it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd, it’s a bit of harmless time travelling fun that will pass a Saturday night.


  • Sweet Movie
  • Endearing Characters
  • Funny Moments


  • Bit Cheesy
  • Slightly Forgettable


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