Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter?

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Who Is Erin Carter? That is the big question as Erin, a married mum in Spain, tries to outrun her past in a cat-and-mouse thriller. Who is she really? More importantly, will you care enough to watch to the end to find out?

Who Is Erin Carter? That is the question posed by the latest thriller series to drop on Netflix.

And depending on your ability to suspend disbelief and all reality, you will either be intrigued to know the answer, or, more likely won't care who she is at all.

But before we discuss whether or not this is worth watching let's delve a little deeper into what the Limited Series is all about.

What Is ‘Who Is Erin Carter?' About?

Erin Carter (Evin Ahmad) is a British woman who, having fled England with her daughter, winds up in Barcelona.

Five years later, she is happily married, her daughter Harper has settled at school and Erin herself is a substitute teacher.

Then on a random trip to the supermarket, Erin's life is changed forever when she intervenes in a robbery, killing one of the perpetrators.

The twist is that both he and his co-robber, know who Erin really is. So the race is on to tie up any and all loose ends that could possibly reveal her true identity.

With Erin's past quickly catching up with her, she has to rely on her exceptional fighting skills and wits to protect her family and outrun the bad guys.

So can she ever get back the life she loved? Or will the secrets about who she really is finally come out and ruin her?

Who Is Erin Carter? Official Trailer

Is ‘Who Is Erin Carter?' Worth Watching?

This exact question is more difficult to answer than you would think. Plenty of viewers have really enjoyed it, but all with stipulations as to how ludicrous and implausible the plot is.

Seemingly if you can get past the giant plotholes, then you'll like it.

Generally, I'm a big fan of a decent cat-and-mouse thriller, but in this case, I could barely get through the first episode without wanting to scream at the TV.

Let's go back to the beginning. A British teacher has been living in Spain for five years and yet she doesn't speak a single word of Spanish. Even more insane, every single person she knows speaks fluent English around her.

Despite being a supply teacher, and married to a nurse, she has managed to bag herself a house that wouldn't look out of place in the Hollywood Hills AND also be able to afford private school for her daughter.

Moving on, Erin's story continues to border on the ridiculous when, having been nearly choked to death, beaten and battered (on multiple occasions) she simply bounces back and gets the upper hand leaving a trail of dead bodies in her wake.

In one scene she brings a frying pan to a gunfight and STILL gets out alive. And all without so much as a bruise or a hair out of place. Ever!

Don't get me started on the editing which is atrocious. She leaves her daughter Harper (you won't forget the name, it's said about a million times) at the pool and drives off only to arrive at her destination in a completely different outfit ahahahaha

And after all of that, if you're even still watching, the ending is laughable with everything wrapped up in a blissfully happy red bow.

So is ‘Who Is Erin Carter?' worth watching? Only if you have watched literally every other single thing available on Netflix. And even then I would recommend you watch paint dry instead.

Cast Of Who Is Erin Carter? Netflix

Evin Ahmad as Erin Carter, a woman who finds herself caught in a supermarket robbery that changes her life.

Sean Teale as Jordi, Erin's husband

Indica Watson as Harper, Erin's daughter

Douglas Henshall as Daniel Lang, a parent at the school

Denise Gough as Lena, a woman from Erin's past who tracks her down

Susannah Fielding as Olivia, a work colleague and friend

Charlotte Vega – Penelope, Erin's neighbour and nemesis

Pep Ambròs as Emilio, Jordi's best friend and police officer who helps Erin.

Jamie Bamber as DI Jim Armstrong who is connected to Erin's past


  • Beautiful Setting
  • Well Cast
  • Plenty Of Action


  • Giant Plotholes
  • Completely Unrealistic
  • Terrible Editing


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