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When four new moms find themselves at the point of having to go back to work the reality of parenthood hits. Workin Moms is a very enjoyable sitcom that tackles sensitive subjects with realism and fun making it highly relatable. If you liked The Letdown, you'll really enjoy this.

Workin Moms is a breath of fresh air for anybody who ever struggled through the early stages of parenthood. It was created, directed by and stars Catherine Reitman as one of four moms that the show focuses on. Essentially it follows the journeys of four different women bringing them together at a weekly baby playgroup.

Reitman plays Kate Foster a woman torn between her PR Agency job that she loves and the expectation that she should be cutting back now that she has a son. But when her dream promotion is on the table she must choose between working away from home for six months or passing it up. Added pressure comes from the fact that she really, really wants to take the promotion. After all, she has a husband so why can't he role reverse and stay home?

She is joined by her best friend Anne a therapist who discovers she is pregnant again. With a pre-teen and a baby already, Anne does not want another child. When she discovers that her husband badly invested their money she must decide the best course of action for their family.

Then there is Frankie. Frankie decided to be the stay-home parent with her partner Giselle working. But Frankie is clearly suffering from postpartum depression and soon finds her world unraveling. With her marriage and family on the line can Frankie get the help she needs?

The last of our Workin Moms is Jenny. Jenny is married to man-child Ian who is trying to become a screenwriter. He has opted to stay home, more or less forcing Jenny to go back to work. But missing her old life, Jenny soon starts to neglect her family, opting to party like she did before the baby arrived.

So what we have is four different stories about the little talked about aspects of struggling parents. Relationships are secure. There are no money worries. So what could these women possibly have to complain about? That's the point exactly. Mental health, career aspirations and the pressures of family do not just go away because you have a few quid.

The genius of Workin Moms is that it tackles some difficult situations but with a hefty dose of comedy. It could have been all doom and gloom but instead, it is an uplifting, laugh-out-loud sitcom that plenty of us can identify with. If you liked The Letdown, you'll like this.

There are now 5 seasons of Workin Moms on Netflix so plenty to get stuck into!


  • Plenty Of Laughs
  • Very Relatable
  • Tackles Serious Subjects


  • Some Characters Better Than Others


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